10 Things Men Love About Jessica Alba

If you are a Jessica Alba fan, you may be curious to know the 10 things men love about Jessica Alba. Many of the facts are pretty easy to guess; some may surprise you.

  1. Men love the way Jessica Alba filled out her costume during filming of the movie “Fantastic Four.” Yes, Jessica starred in this fantasy adventure.  She played the role of Sue Storm, the Invisible woman.
  2. Men love the fact that Jessica was on the cover of Playboy (2006). However, she did not pose for the issue and in fact started proceedings to sue Playboy.  The picture came from a promotional shot for a movie she was filming.
  3. Men love the fact that Jessica has stated publicly that she feels at home in a bikini. With that body, men would love to see her in as less clothes as possible.
  4. Men enjoy the fact that she plays a sex kitten in many of her movie parts. Men would always prefer watching her play the role of sex kitten than more serious type roles.
  5. Men love her body. This is probably why is on such lists as:  “Sexiest Women on TV” and “25 Sexiest Women in film of all time.”
  6. Men love the fact that Jessica Alba takes time to help charities. She is involved in many charities such as:  “Habitat for Humanities” and “Kids Wish Network.”
  7. Men love the fact that Jessica Alba comes from Mexican descent.  Her father is a Mexican American and her mother is of French and Danish descent. 
  8. Men love her breasts. She has admitted herself that she gets many scripts with shower scenes in which her proposed character has water dripping down her naked breasts.
  9. Men love her sexiness. They say that she is sexy in bikinis, in dresses, and definitely in that "Fantastic Four" costume. She just has natural sex appeal.
  10. Men love the character she played in the movie “Dark Angel.”  “Dark Angel" was a television series that ran from the years 2000 to 2002 and was a favorite with the male demographic.




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