10 Things Men Love About Natalie Portman

She's a beautiful environmentalist, who is caring, driven, and successful, but the 10 Things Men Love About Natalie Portman are qualities that not just any Hollywood star can poses.

  1. She's private. Woman talk. This is just a fact of life, and most Hollywood Starlet's do more than just talk. They flaunt every moment, every part of their life all over the trash rags and television programs, but Natalie Portman is different. Though intensely famous, you'll never see her on the cover of such magazines, and she doesn't even use her real name. This is in an effort to protect the privacy of her family. Professionally, Natalie uses her Grandmother's maiden name, "Portman."
  2. She's sexy. In her turn as troubled stripped Alice in the film, "Closer," Natalie showed America once and for all that she way way beyond cute. Sexiness oozed from the character, the body, the voice, and while she may still be on of the most wholesome actresses in America, she has definitely made it clear that she is also one of the sexiest.
  3. She's seriously talented. Who says sexy woman can't act? Natalie Portman exhibited the raw talent of some of the most famous Hollywood leading ladies when she was still just a child in her gritty and haunting portrayal of an assassin-in-training in the film, "The Professional." She not only sidestepped the problems most child stars faced, she has also grown into one of today's most well respected actresses. If that wasn't enough her emotional and riveting performance in "Closer" earned Natalie a Golden Globe win, and her first Oscar nod. Hot.
  4. She's elegant. While a sexy woman is absolutely a must, no man wants to marry a women who's butt is hanging out of her skirt at every public outing. Natalie embodies the glamour and poise of Hollywood leading ladies of times past. Natalie's elegance is the trait that makes her sexy with her clothes on.
  5. You can bring her home to mom. Not only that, your mom would love her. She is respectful and kind. Natalie Portman is well known for her compassion, and we already know that since she is extremely private, you won't have to worry about her saying too much. Dad will love her too, because she has a great sense of humor. Speaking of which…
  6. She's not afraid to make fun of herself. In Natalie's host appearance on Saturday Night Live, she performed a "gansta" rap about drinking and fighting in an effort to poke fun at her sweet as can be image. The digital short was one of the funniest skits SNL has turned out in recent history, with lyrics such as "I'll crap on your face and kill your dog for fun."
  7. She's smart. It seems impossible that she could be beautiful, talented, private and smart, but it is so. Natalie Portman went to Harvard where she pursued a degree is psychology in case she ever wants to become a doctor.
  8. She's a dog person. Admit it. Men want a woman who will love their pup, and since Natalie's Yorkie, Charlie goes just about everywhere with her, it's safe to say she'll never lead your best friend astray. Just make sure the two animals get along, or that's probably a deal breaker.
  9. She's appealing to macho man and fan boys alike. Even with the shaved head and butt-kicking face in "V for Vendetta" Natalie was the picture of hotness, and who hasn't dreamed about dating Queen Amidala/Padma from time to time? No matter what situation you put her in, she rocks it. It's hard to be any cooler than Natalie Portman.
  10. She's totally get-able. So you probably read this article saying, "well that's why we fantasize about her, but we could never actually date her. The last thing that makes Miss. Portman so amazingly wonderful is that she is just the chill, down to earth, cool as ever celebrity that wouldn't turn down love from an average Joe. Who knows? Bid your time. Plant a tree. Walk your dog. You never know what might happen.
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