10 Things Men Love About Rachel McAdams

The 10 things men love about Rachel McAdams are almost as diverse as the actresses' body of work. With her talent, good looks, and endearing personality, it's hard not to fall for this Canadian cutie.

  1. She's smart.  She graduated with honors from York University in 2001. Her theatre degree has served her well, as she is now one of Hollywood's most promising actresses. 
  2. She's sexy. A girl with brains and beauty is the ultimate dream, and Rachel McAdams is such a girl. Her naturally blonde hair and inviting eyes give her a beauty that is stunning yet approachable.
  3. She's not a material girl. Rachel McAdams is nothing like her character Regina George in 2004's hit comedy "Mean Girls." She has no interest in fashion and even used a t-shirt she received from a high-end fashion designer as a nightshirt. This on-again, off-again vegetarian even eschews air conditioning and has stated that she values life experiences over material goods.
  4. She's a woman of many talents. In between starring in blockbuster movies, Rachel McAdams works on the natural living website she started with her best friend.
  5. She likes to switch things up. She changes the color of her hair when the mood strikes her. She has dyed it pink, red, and brown, and says that blue is her next choice.
  6. She's a little crazy, but in a cute way. Rachel McAdams admits she's done a little stalking in her life, but it's not as extreme as it sounds. She once went to a restaurant where her crush worked and pretended it was a coincidence they were both there. A bit nutty, but it worked and it shows she's not afraid to go after what she wants.
  7. She's up for anything… She's best-known for her roles in romantic comedies, but Rachel McAdams isn't afraid to make a leap into the unknown. To avoid monotony, she has starred in a thriller and dramas.
  8. …As long as she's passionate about it. She's turned down some major roles, including the lead role in "The Devil Wears Prada" and the opportunity to be a Bond girl in "Casino Royale." Rachel says she has to be passionate about a role in order to give it her all. Who doesn't love a passionate woman?
  9. She'll cook her way into your heart. Rachel McAdams' guilty pleasure is food and she loves to cook. She dreams of growing a garden that will meet all of her fruit and vegetable needs.
  10. "The Notebook." Yep, "the Notebook." Just admit it. You cried while watching "the Notebook." Rachel herself says she can hardly keep track of the number of guys who have told her the movie made them weep.
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