10 Things To Say To Women

All guys would love to know 10 things to say to women. Either you want to know those things to get her into bed, or you just really would love to know her a bit better.  But for this list, we are only going to consider what to say if you want to know her better. So, here are those ten things to say to women that we love to hear! 

  1. You look beautiful. Simple and easy to say, it will make us smile and be happy.
  2. I love you. Here are those three words women love to hear a guy say. Shout it, whisper it or just say it normally. No matter how you say I love you, we will be happy, and it's by far one of the ten things to say to women.
  3. Will you marry me? Again, this is something that a lot of women dream of hearing one day in their life. Hopefully, this will come from the one and only man they will share their lives with too.
  4. You'll never have to want for anything again. Really, no matter if we enjoy our jobs or not, we still want to be supported by a guy. We love the support that a good strong man can offer to us.
  5. Want to go out to see a movie? Any way that you can ask them out on a date is great. Don't expect anything extra from them just because you've paid for it all too. 
  6. Would you like to make love? Don't ask a girl if she wants to have sex or some other foul word, because we like to feel like you are into us, and making love just sounds so much better.
  7. You’re the best thing for me. Letting that special woman know that she means so much to you is a big deal. This could be a big thing that will earn you brownie points, too.
  8. I have a condom. When in the mood for some quick sex with that new hot guy we just met, we love to hear these words, because we may not be prepared for safe sex, but love the fact that you are.
  9. Man, you're so hot. It might sound a bit corny, but really, we love to think that you think we are the best looking women in the crowd, or the world, even if only for a few moments.
  10. I only want you. Yes, it kind of goes along with all those other things from above. But again, it's a great thing in the ten things to say to women that we just love to hear.
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