10 Things Women Want To Hear

Wake-up cause there are some important things women want to hear including these 10 thing women want to hear from men. Take a deep breath. You will be able to pull this off. The first thing you need to do is relax and feel the moment.

  1. Tell her she looks like a super-model. It does not matter if she just got up and her hair looks like a rat's nest. Your woman wants to know that, in your eyes, she is beautiful. You must say it when you are looking at her and do not blink.
  2. Act like what she is saying is important and agree with her. Your ADD may have kicked in half way through the dinner conversation, but you do not want to let your woman know that you have lost track of the conversation. Make sure to smile and nod your head. Her thoughts are always the right ones.
  3. Do not keep your woman locked up in a voicemail nightmare. When your lady calls you, answer the phone. She knows you have caller ID and she can tell if you are avoiding her calls. If you are with the guys, you can excuse yourself and take the call. It does not matter if the men think you are whipped. It only matters what your woman thinks. If she continues to find herself in voicemail, she will call your best friend. That could be a real mess to have to deal with. You do not want your woman talking to him; secrets could leak-out and then the jig is up.
  4. Tell her about your raise. Raises are important in life; share the news with your woman. She will be happy to hear that you have extra money to invest in the relationship. It will show her that you are working hard to keep things going. She may even help you with some shopping.
  5. Tell her that her hot friend looks horrid. The first time your woman sees that you are looking at her friend, in an awkward way, she will call you out on it. If you are cornered with it, explain that you just could not understand why her friend had that horrid outfit on. This will take some heat off you and may get you back in good standing.
  6. Call her and tell her not to cook. Do not wait until she is about ready to put something in the oven; timing is important. Make this call early in the morning, so that you do not get hit with attitude about calling too late.
  7. Tell her that the two of you need to go on a vacation together. Your woman needs a vacation, and so do you. You need to figure out how to make that happen. You must get your funds in order to cover it. Once you have the money ready to be spent, tell your woman your thoughts and ask her where she would like to travel to.
  8. Call her for no reason at all and tell her you were thinking of her. If she is not busy, she will take your call. She will enjoy, that in the middle of your day, you took time to open up to her with warm words. She will feel special and so will you.
  9. Tell her you love her. Tell her she makes your world brighter and more enjoyable. Give her something to think about.
  10. Ask her to marry you. This is best done on the first date, it breaks the ice. You may not follow through with it, but it will bring laughter and fun to the date. She will see that you are clearly interested in something.
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