10 Things Women Want In A Man

Men stand up and hear this; there are 10 things women want in a man. You do not want to miss this. It is time to get educated, so that you are no longer guessing.

  1. Read a romance novel. Women want a man that knows how to read a book. Women want to hear about the last book you read and how it impacted your life.
  2. Learn how to cook. A chef knows how to bring a woman to her knees. Women work hard, and if you can pamper her with a hot meal, she will enjoy you more.
  3. Clean your apartment. A classy woman likes a man that has a clean apartment. She does not want to fall over all of your laundry or move it off the couch to sit down.
  4. Put away your pictures of your ex-girlfriend. There is nothing sadder in life than seeing pictures of your ex-girlfriend hanging on the walls of your apartment. Women do not want to see or hear about your feelings for the ex.
  5. Go to the gym. You need to get fit and stay active. Women want a man that takes care of his body.
  6. Start a business. Women love men that have a mind for business. Donald Trump does not get women because of his looks; he gets them because of his business. Think like the Donald.
  7. Invest in breath mints. You may have had onions for lunch, but women do need to know that. Women want men that have a fresh breath.
  8. Clean your car. A smart woman does not sit in a car that will dirty her clothes. Wash the outside and inside of your car.
  9. Pay for the date. Do not ask if you can go Dutch. That is like asking if she is stupid.
  10. Walk her to the door. Walk your date to her front door. Do not just open stop and dump her off after a date. Women want to be treated with care.
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