10 Things Women Want Men To Know

If women are from Venus and Men are from some other planet, then there must be 10 things women want men to know. It's true, men and women just look at certain things differently. An improved mutual understanding between the sexes is the only way to help to strengthen your current romantic relationship or to help you prepare for a future interaction with the opposite sex. So, what do women want men to know?

Before you are officially an item:

  1. It's not what you do to get noticed, it's the things you don't do to keep from messing it up. Women want men to know a very important fact about the cat and mouse game. She's allowing herself to be the mouse buddy. Realize that you're being graded. She evaluated you before you said your first word to her. In her mind you had potential. If you didn't, you'll wouldn't have the privilege of chasing her to begin with. Now it's up to you not to lose points.
  2. If you're not being yourself, don't bother wasting your time. Women are very perceptive creatures. They can tell when you're not being genuine. Women want men to know that if they wanted fake guys, they'd still be playing with their Ken dolls.
  3. Trying too hard is a No-No. There's no such thing as an "A" for effort. Trying too hard is like cheating on an exam, total forfeiture of all your points. Remember, she's already giving you a shot so chill out, be yourself.
  4. She's more than just a pretty face. All women want men to know that they have more to offer than just their bodies. Women are a delicate yet beautiful balance of physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental elements. Her beauty is the icing on the cake. So take it upon yourself to notice the other attractive qualities about her.
  5. Just because you've gone out, doesn't mean she's your woman. Women want men to know that one or two dates doesn't equal a relationship. She's free to do what she wants. Don't go calling her off the hook and texting her a million times a day. Dude, no one likes a stalker.

 After you get together:

  1. It's not about the toilet seat being up. Women want men to know that when they complain about things guys would find trivial, it's more about the respect than the actual object of complaint. Leaving the toilet seat up shows a disregard for her needs. She needs to sit down to do her business. She's not worried about the hazards of a wet butt, she's worried about you forgetting about the little things you do that can affect her.
  2. It's not only what you say. Words are great. But, if you're nothing but words, you'd be of better use as a Valentine's Day card. Actions are far more important than anything you can say to her. Telling her and showing her is the best one-two punch combo you can have, slugger.
  3. Give her the place she deserves. If you guys are together, it's up to you to let everyone else in your life know. Tell those hating female friends of yours they need to back off. Your woman is in a class all by herself and she wont be happy being treated like one of the other guys or like one of a flock of groupies you used to have. She should do the same on her side as well.
  4. Do your part to keep the romance alive. If sleep is the cousin of death, then being too comfortable with your woman is like poisoning your relationship. You remember all the sweet stuff you did to court her? Well, not only should you keep this up throughout the relationship, you should be making steady improvements with your "sweetness" as time goes on. Every woman wants to know that she's still as beautiful as important as special (if not more) as she was to you when first got together.
  5. Love alone isn't enough. Being in love is great. But, when you're working towards a future, it just isn't enough. Make sure you do your part in furthering and improving the relationship.
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