10 Things Women Like

When trying to impress a woman you'll want to know these 10 things women like.  Of course, there are by far more than ten things women like, but let's look at the top ten things out there that a lot of women put at the top of their lists!

  1. Respect.  It may not be the top of every woman's list out there, but you'll find it in the top ten things women like every time around the block.  Women like respect and if you respect them, they are going to respect you back.
  2. Love.  All women want love and of the things women like, this has to be near the top.  Love makes the world.
  3. Stability.  This can come in the form of a guy who has money, or who is just a hard worker to make sure they are taken care of in life. 
  4. Cute things and Gifts.  Women love stuffed animals and sweet cards that make them melt.
  5. Romance.  Romance is a must from a guy.  Again, you can look back at number four to give you a bit of an idea how to go about letting us know you're romantic. 
  6. Honesty.  You need to be honest with a woman, because without honesty a relationship will never last. 
  7. Compliments.  Women love to be told they look beautiful or sexy or just great.  Compliment them and you will know how much they like it because they will show you in other ways.  Flattery will get you everywhere, so compliment them!
  8. Monogamy.  You may find a few women out there who don't mind if you look, but touching is strictly forbidden.  Women like to know you want only them, and they want only you. 
  9. Making Love.  Instead of sex, women want to be made love too.  It's a deeper and closer feeling you have when in the bedroom with your man.  Don't tell them you want to have sex with them, but that you want to take them and make mad love to her!
  10. Money.  Women like money but really love is by far more important.  Yes, you will run into women who like rich guys, but most really want the overall love and support of a nice guy.
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