10 Third Date Ideas: Denver

There are 10 third date ideas for Denver to explore. If you want to take that special someone to a very special place then you need to check this list out. Here are some great ideas for your third date in Denver.

  1. Strings Restaurant is the first place to try for your third date in Denver. It is romantic and very classic. The food is New American and perfect for that date that you wish to impress. Take her there men and she will be melted by desert. There is candlelight and an environment that is ripe for romance. They are available for reservations at: 1700 Humboldt Street, Denver. 303-831-7310.
  2. Panzano is another wonderful third date idea in Denver. It is romantic and really yummy as well. You and your date can munch on gourmet Italian food as you fall deeper for one another. 909 17th St, Denver. 505-296-3525.
  3. Another wonderful place for third date ideas in Denver is India Pearl. The ambience is wonderful there. It has delicious Indian food that is definitely gourmet. Your date will love this as your third date if she likes exotic tastes. 1475 South Pearl Street Denver, Colorado 80210. 303-777-1533.
  4. The forth place for that third date in Denver is Steuben's. The food is casual and comfort aimed. The result will be a relaxed comfortable date with your girl. No need to make reservations here. Just check it out and be sure to play some tunes on the Jukebox for her. It is at: 523 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80203.
  5. The fifth idea for a third date in Denver is for that Sushi lovin' girl. If your babe loves Sushi then you have to have your third date at Sushi Tazu. The food is delicious and the ambience is as Japanese as it gets. You will love this place and so will that special third date. you do not need reservations. It is at: 300 Fillmore St., Denver, CO 80206.
  6. The sixth idea for your special third date in Denver is at the Denver Aquarium. The Lounge called "The Dive" is a family cafeteria design. So this is best saved for that casual third date. It is a great place to eat after seeing the aquarium. Combine the two and enjoy a wonderful third date in Denver.
  7. One other great idea for a third date in Denver is "The Ninth Door." This is a Spanish Tapas restaurant. It is perfect for a get together that is food finger friendly. you can feed one another easily at this place. The food is sizzling and fun. It is located at: 1808 Blake Street, Denver.
  8. There is another place that is fun for this sort of category on a third date in Denver. Ondo's Spanish Tapas. Same faire but it has a more formal atmosphere. If you want candlelight and sexy Tapas for dinner then take your date there. The location is: 250 Steele Street, Denver. No reservations are required.
  9. If Chinese food is your dates passion then you must check out Imperial Chinese Restaurant. The food is formal and old school Chinese. The atmosphere is wonderful for a third date in Denver that is focused on being spoiled. The servers are very attentive to you as you dine. You must try three Duck if you go. It is divine and will impress that lucky lady. It is at: 431 South Broadway, Denver.
  10. The last place is divine and romantic. "Paris on the Plate" is located at: 1553 Platte Street, Denver , CO 80202. It is cozy and romantic beyond any other place in the town. The faire ifs country French and very filling. Be sure to order the house wine with your meal. It is not pricey either so you get a great deal for a low price. She won't know the difference though because it is really nice.
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