10 Third Date Tips

In case you are excited and nervous about what to expect, here are ten third date tips to help the date go smoothly. By the third date, the two people are usually feeling more comfortable with each other and more secure in the fact that things are moving in the right direction. It's a fun time in the relationship, as you know somebody is interested, yet there is no pressure. Here are some tips to make it even better.

  1. Choose an activity for the date that reflects an interest that your date has expressed during the first two dates. This shows your thoughtfulness, but it also shows that you're paying attention to what she has to say.
  2. Consider an all-day date. You know that you like each other. Why not put notion to the test by spending the day together? You'll discover a lot more about your compatibility this way. In a worse case scenario you'll discover things you don't like about each other, and you'll save yourself the time of a fourth and fifth date in order to find this out.
  3. Open up more on the third date. Although it's still too soon to get really heavy and expose all the traumas of your past, you want to reveal more about yourself at this point. Otherwise, your date may feel as though you are being distant or uninterested. While someone has to earn your trust, it's easy to simply reveal more about yourself that you don't mind others knowing.
  4. Don't be afraid to plan some areas of conversation, considering what you already know about your date. The best conversationalists make this look effortless, but there is usually a great deal of effort made. You may even write them out, as this will help you remember them later.
  5. Ask your make-it-or-break-it questions on the third date, as long as they're not too terribly personal. Unless your date steers the conversation in that direction, you don't want to ask about her sexual history or other types of questions about the past. However, if a political or religious standpoint is going to end your relationship you'll want to know that.
  6. Talk about your bad habits with an open sense of humor. Although you certainly don't want to scare someone away, letting someone in on the negative side can be a brave thing. It will probably be much appreciated. What's even better, it encourages your date to open up about her flaws as well.
  7. If you aren't ready to go home after the date, say so. Your date may feel the same way. If she does, invite her to do something fun that will likely lead to laughs, such as a dance class or a karaoke night at a local bar.
  8. Don't talk about your ex. While you may have felt the need to talk about your ex on the initial two dates, take a break from doing so on a third date. You don't want to leave someone with the impression that you are hung up on the past, or someone else.
  9. Ask open-ended questions on the third date. This will allow you to learn more about your date, as it will encourage her to take the conversation where her mind wanders.
  10. Tell jokes that you find genuinely funny. On a third date, you should feel comfortable risking the exposure of your true sense of humor. If you both laugh at the same jokes, it can bring you closer right away.
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