10 Tiger Woods Golf Tips

Here are 10 Tiger Woods golf tips to consider while on the green. We all admire someone who has shown exceptional abilities in their field of endeavor. Whether it is in business, sports or technical arenas, an accomplished person gives us inspiration and hope that we can also hone our skills in our field of passion. These Tiger Woods golf tips are simple, helpful ideas in assisting and giving us perspective in his area of expertise: the game of golf.

  1. A Still Head Keep your head still on both the back and downswing, moving your head down a bit while striking the ball. Do not move the head sideways. After impact release, watch the ball. During the entire swing the head must be still and focused on the ball. This Tiger Woods golf tip will prevent a change in focus or ball distance which could result in weak or thick shots.

  2. Good Feel and Touch Learn to feel the distance so you do not always have to rely on pitches to save par. Short hitters do need to understand the fundamentals of pitching and the feel of distance control. Have your shoulder muscles control the swing and shoulder turn. The arms should be completely relaxed.

  3. Fix the Finish Much can be told about a swing by the finished stance. Practice with a video camera or in front of a mirror. The shoulders and hips should be perpendicular to the target, the elbows bent and wrists turned back. This too, is an invaluable Tiger Woods golf tip.

  4. Keep the Triangle The triangle is creating a rhythmic swing by predicting the outcome with the arms, shoulders and chest in sync. This will improve your short game. Try not to disconnect with glitches in shoulder movements or the chest discontinuing to rotate,as the arms are in rotation. This is important for smooth chip shots that are followed through by the shoulder, chest and arm movements flowing smoothly together.

  5. Footwork is Vital Many amateur golfers are impeded, especially in their iron game, by this element. Standing on their toes or too high up on the heels can create a poor overall shot. Good footwork involves the proper sequence and follow through of events. As we follow this Tiger Woods golf tip, the weight goes from the right foot to the left inner toe during the first part of downswing. In the later portion of the downswing, shift your weight to the outer area of the left foot, then left heel as you strike the ball.   

  6. Endurance and Stamina Maintain your workouts, golf practice and disciplines during off-season. Come back in full-swing without a hitch. Do not rest on your laurels. Maintain a year-round routine that will always keep you at the top of your game. This is one of the best Tiger Woods golf tips

  7. Continue Support Support of teammates, competitors, friends and family is keen in living a life that is true and authentic. Always maintain healthy and supportive relationships. One of Tiger Woods very real and well-received golf tips.

  8. Stay Consistent To have a wealth of achievements is beyond belief in our eyes. The consistency of major wins year after year is indeed mind-boggling. Consistency in practice, choosing the right schedules each year and allowing for possible physical or other setbacks are all part of the strategies.

  9. Game Etiquette Bad behavior during gameplay is unwelcome and baffling to observe. You lost this game, but were you close? Show dignity and genuine goodness towards your competitors. Fans are watching. Throwing clubs, name-calling or kicking a tree have no place in the honorable sport of golf.

  10. Know That Golf is Not You In the grand scheme of things, golf is a game for entertainment. Priorities that are deeper, more meaningful and enduring are what ultimately matters the most. These ten Tiger Woods golf tips go beyond the game itself. Tiger Woods is a monument to what life and the resolution of experiences can bring.

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