10 Tips For Axis Deer Hunting

Before you go hunting for axis deer, these 10 tips for axis deer hunting will help you get the most of your hunting experience. Axis deer is a favorite among hunters because of their big horns and beautiful body, not to mention a tasty meat to serve after the hunt.

  1. Axis deer hunting makes a very challenging hunting experience since these antlers are smart. They love to socialize and hunters will always find them in a large herd. This gives hunters the challenge of how to make the perfect humane kill with their rifles. Be sure you have a good aim as just a single missed shot will allow the axis deer to easily warn others by bellowing once alarmed.
  2. Move quickly but cautiously when making a shot. Antlers are not the usual feeble minded beast that some hunters usually encounter. They can easily detect when danger is around and run at a good speed to get away. Hunters like the pulse quickening action of axis deer hunting because of this beast’s characteristics.
  3. Axis deer are graceful even while running at a high speed. This makes it difficult to catch them and get a good shot. But hunters can take advantage of their curiosity which often draws them to come closer to hunters. Take this cue to make an accurate shot.
  4. Make sure not to wear strong scent of colognes. It can alert this smart beast of your presence. Better not wear any cologne at all when you go hunting for axis deer.
  5. Make use of hunting tools like a sturdy hunting stand. This will give better stability on your hunting rifle allowing you to move your gun without creating noise that can alert the deer.
  6. Keep your movement low profile. Any noise you make can easily scare your prey. It can also warn other deer of the possible danger lurking around that will cause them to flee.
  7. Paint your arrow with a bright color. This will make its retrieval easier should you miss when you bow hunt for axis deer. Good quality arrows for bow hunting deer can be expensive and you are doing yourself a favor to save from buying new ones.
  8. Practice using your hunting tools like your bow or rifle. Learn how to get a good aim before you start axis deer hunting. This will save you from the frustration of failing to hunt well because of your missed shots.
  9. Set a feeding area. Make sure your presence is not noticeable. Axis deer are very intelligent animals and they will rarely approach a place without scouting it first.
  10. Take note to look for a place where you have good vision of your surroundings. Antlers have a spotted coat pattern that allows them to blend in with their surroundings making it hard to see them. They are cautious and will graze along a wooded area before coming into an open perimeter. Take a shot once you have good aim but do not risk taking a shot that might be premature, miss and scare the beast away from the killing zone.
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