10 Tips for Beating Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove

Everyone who loves playing hidden-object games will want to use these 10 tips for beating "Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove." The sixth title in the "Mystery Case Files" series, "Dire Grove" has you going from scene to scene completing different tasks, completing hidden-object areas and solving different puzzles. Each of the hidden-object scenes give you important items needed to make your way through the tasks and puzzles. Beating "Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove" is much easier when you use these tips:

  1. Watch each scene in "Dire Grove" carefully while moving your pointer around. Watch for areas that sparkle, places where the pointer changes and changing objects. Sparkling areas are the hidden-object scenes. The pointer changing marks a task to do, something to look at or something to pick up. "Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove" marks the return of changing—the game calls them morphing—objects to collect. Some areas have no morphing objects, some have one and some have two or three.
  2. Let your eyes wander. Sometimes the next step isn't obvious. If you don't see what to do in the first couple of minutes, leave the pointer alone and just glance around. Don't actively focus on any one spot. Ninety percent of the time, what isn't obvious at first jumps out when you're just glancing around.
  3. Keep paper close by. It helps to make notes about the scenes. There are things that need to be done but sometimes you haven't gotten the item needed for them yet. Make a note of what you spotted and where it's at. You can go back after you get the right item. The puzzles in "Dire Grove" are trickier than they appear at first glance. Work them out on paper to make things easier.
  4. Watch the comments at the top of the screen. They tell you information about what you are seeing or working on. They'll give you ideas on what to do about half the time. Unlike the other titles in the series, "Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove" allows a choice of how much attitude the comments display. It gives the options of normal, motivational or snarky attitudes.
  5. Pick up and play all the video tapes. Pay close attention to what each one shows and what is said. They have important information about the story, background and clues to help with steps in different areas. Note the position of four of the tapes. There's a symbol on those four that is absolutely necessary for one of the last puzzles in the game. It is impossible to beat "Dire Grove" without that information.
  6. Return to previous scenes often. Explore and watch the scenes carefully every time you return. Completing steps in one scene causes steps in other scenes to be activated. Sometimes it reactivates previously completed hidden-object scenes. Sometimes you receive the items you need to complete tasks in the other scenes.
  7. Pay close attention to your inventory items. Every hidden-object scene gives you a new item. Think back to previous scenes. Look back at the notes you made about the other scenes to catch a place the new item will work. When beating "Dire Grove" you go back and forth between scenes often to complete all the steps.
  8. Think about your inventory and notes every time you enter a new scene. An item you got earlier might give you a clue about what to do here. You might get an idea for using an item here that you hadn't thought of before. Spotting an item you noted earlier can point to what to do next.
  9. Try inventory items everywhere. If you can't figure out the next step, try using items in different places. "Dire Grove" doesn't penalize you for random clicking. The worst that happens is the comments make you feel like smacking your forehead, or even better, the screen.
  10. Step away and take a breather. You don't have to sit there getting frustrated. "Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove" is not a game to beat in one sitting. Turn it off for a while. You can come back later and look at it with a fresh eye. This will help you see steps you missed before.
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