10 Tips For Becoming More Than Friends

The ten tips for becoming more than friends can lead to a beautiful relationship. When you become attracted to a friend, simply blurting out "I love you" isn't the best idea. Take these tips and move from friendship to love in a smooth, natural progression.

  1. Take note. The first tip for becoming more than friends is to simply begin to take note of the little things your friend does. The little things they do will come into play later when you move to more advanced stages.
  2. Compliment. Women love compliments so it is only natural for this to be a tip for becoming more than friends. Begin complimenting her hair or a new blouse.
  3. Flirt. Another tip for becoming more than friends is to slowly begin to flirt. Be subtle at first. Try simply smiling when she walks in and slowly progress to move obvious flirtations.
  4. Get more personal. A helpful tip for becoming more than friends is to get more personal about her private life. Ask about family, old friends, growing up and her favorite things.
  5. Go out. This tip for becoming more than friends begins the change from friends to more. Instead of sitting at home, go out together to eat or see a movie. This gives the relationship more of a dating feel.
  6. Look in the eyes. This tip for becoming more than friends is simply; look into her eyes when you talk to her. Friends tend to not be this personal when they communicate, but lovers look into each others eyes.
  7. Talk future. Another tip for becoming more than friends is to talk about the future with the object of your affection. Ask them where they see themselves in ten years and show interest in their goal.
  8. Little things. Take this tip for becoming more than friends and start doing little things for your friend. Carry her briefcase or grocery bags. Offer to help her cook or clean up or to drive her to the store.
  9. Gifts. Ladies love gifts, so it's no wonder this tip for becoming more than friends makes the list. Start very small. Pick her a flower from along side the road to start and move up to items you see her wanting including small jewelry or household items.
  10. Talk about it. The final tip for becoming more than friends is to actually talk to the object of your affection about changing feelings. Tell her how close you feel you have grown and how you feel when you are with her. Be gentle, never forceful.



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