10 Tips For Brewing Lager Beer

Knowing these 10 tips for brewing lager beer can assist you in making your best beer yet. There are multiple methods for micro-brewing at home, but all have common elements. Always check the local laws before brewing your own lager. Some areas limit the amount of brew you can produce in specific time frames.

  1. Keep it in the shade. The first tip for brewing lager beer is to avoid the sun or extreme light. Sunlight can actually drain or flatten the taste of your lager. Keep the micro brewing in the shade or in low light areas.
  2. Starter yeast. Buying yeast can become a big expense. Use this tip for brewing lager beer and make your own. Yeast starters are available in the baking sections of most grocery markets. The multiplying yeast will save you in the long run.
  3. Add fruit. A tip for brewing lager beer that may have never crossed your mind is to add boiled fruit to your brew. Boiled for a short time, fruits such as apples, berries and melon, can add a sweet touch to your lager.
  4. Experiment with spices. This tip for brewing lager beer is as simple as heading to the kitchen spice rack. Experiment with different spices including salt, cinnamon and nutmeg.
  5. Sanitize. Never skimp on products when sanitizing the brewing apparatus. This tip for brewing lager beer can save you from illness and ruined brew.
  6. HDPE 2 buckets. This tip for brewing lager beer can save you money. Substitute HDPE2 buckets, intended for mixing paint, for buckets typically used for brewing. These buckets are the same as food grade buckets.
  7. Keep track. Date all your brewed beer. This tip for brewing lager beer will help you keep inventory and assess your progress.
  8. Hydrometer use. Purchase a hydrometer and learn to use it. This tip for brewing lager beer will help you find the exact alcohol content of your brew.
  9. Dry hops. This tip for brewing lager beer is for those who love the strong beer smell. Add dry hops to the finished barrel just prior to corking for fermentation.
  10. Take requests. The final tip for brewing lager beer is to ask your friends for help. Take requests for special additives and recipes.



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