10 Tips For Building A Motocross Jump

There are many different tips to take into account when building a motocross jump for you to practice racing dirt bikes off of. These jumps are common in motocross dirt bike race tracks, allowing riders to launch themselves up into the air and do tricks, adding a bit of flare to the already exciting racing sport. To build these jumps you will need shovels, a hose to wet down the dirt and a lot of space. Depending on how large you are making your motocross jump, a small tractor or bulldozer should probably be used to save time, so you can spend more time racing and less time building.

  1. Pick a location. Find an open area where you can dig up a lot of dirt and also have enough distance for motocross bikers to accelerate, jump and land safely. A large area of dirt or an empty field is a great place to build a motocross jump.
  2. Dig up the area where the dirt bikes will be driving as they approach the jump. Then smooth the area back out, removing any roots from trees or large rocks that can cause the bike to lose control as it is about to do the jump.
  3. Dig up dirt for the jump ramp. The dimensions of the motocross jump ramp should follow a simple formula: for every one foot of height, three feet of length should be added to the jump itself. So for a three foot high jump, nine feet of total length will be needed.
  4. Create a small lip on the jump. This small subtle lip will allow motocross racers to get a little extra air and distance on their jumps if they hit it correctly.  
  5. Use a hose intermittently on the dirt. This should be done while you are building it, wetting the dirt down from time to time in between layers, so that it becomes more compacted. This will make the ramp harder and better to jump off of.
  6. Think about noise. Is the location you are building this motocross jump near people who don't want to hear dirt bikes screaming by them? Think about what is around you.
  7. Use sod on surface of the motocross jump when building it. Laying out sod will reduce the dust that will come off the motocross jump and the dirt itself as you ride over it.
  8. Create borders when building the motocross jump. Lay out old tires or stones along the edge of the jump. This way riders will know where to aim their bikes towards when jumping, so that they will jump and and in the proper location.
  9. Dig up the landing area when building the motocross jump. Use a hose to soften the dirt and cover it back up with this dirt and sod. Make the landing area bigger then necessary.
  10. Upkeep the motocross jump. The more this ride is ridden over and due to natural weathering, the dirt will fall apart. So continue to upkeep it in between uses and it will last longer.
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