10 Tips For Buying Ferrari Cars

If you want 10 tips for buying Ferrari cars, look no further than these rules, founded on the common sense of automotive marketplace know-how. As one can tell, buying Ferrari cars is not something the "average Joe" does everyday on his morning commute, looking through his paper and saying "Gee, I really have about $200,000 to blow today. Why not?". Purchasing a Ferrari car requires research, negotiation, and being well-tuned into one's personal preferences.

  1. Decide how old of a Ferrari you want. This is more a matter of personal preference than anything else. Some people like the Ferrari California, and its stylish new interior and aerodynamics. Others like the classic 1984 Ferrari Testarosta. Then again, others just say they like older Ferraris because they can't really afford the new ones. So, find out just what class you fall into when buying Ferrari cars.
  2. Customize your Ferrari wisely. Again, more a matter of personal preference, but it is important to know just what features and specs you are looking for in your Ferrari car. Rims, engines, designs, special editions, and anything else possibly customizable needs to be thought of beforehand. 
  3. Check availability and market prices online first. Websites like "Car and Driver", "Kelley Blue Book", "Motor Trend", "JD Power and Associates", as well as "Edmunds" all provide up to the minute pricing for new and used models. Because Ferraris are rare, finding a dealership may be difficult. Yet, internet investigation is still a good choice.
  4. Raise the money (and stay focused on your goal)! Buying a Ferrari is no easy feat, so it may take years of savings, or large loans to finance your dream ride.
  5. Keep your "Ferrari Fund" in a not-so liquid Savings account. You don't want to tempt yourself, so put that money in a high-yield savings account that won't allow you to liquidate your funds in a hurry.
  6. Read reviews of each model. Some reviewers like the Enzo, while others may take the side of the 599 GTO. Again, everyone's preferences are different, but those who have test-drove, bought, sold, or dealt with these beautiful machines might know a little something or two you don't.
  7. Test Drive! So you have researched, raised the money, and managed to stay on track with your goal of buying Ferrari cars. Perhaps you only can afford one priced at $50,000. Nonetheless, you want to fit comfortably in your new dream automobile, and even Ferraris can be less-than-accommodating at times.
  8. Negotiate, bargain, and coerce the dealer. A lower price means more moolah for you! Every Ferrari car out there can be reduce in price, no matter the obstacle.
  9. Once you finalize the price and buy it, subscribe to a Ferrari magazine or club. Being in constant contact with fellow Ferrari car enthusiasts will keep you excited about your automotive. Thus, keeping your sports car in pristine condition.
  10. Car washes, car cleaning, car waxes for your Ferrari car. This ties in with keeping active in the Ferrari community: the more you are enthusiastic about your car, the better condition it will stay in. After all, everyone wants to be enjoying their fine Italian automobile for years and years to come.

Follow the above ten rules for buying Ferrari cars and you will be well on your way to owning the car of your dreams. While Ferraris are costly, hard to maintain, and difficult to find with an appropriate price tag, persistence will pay off!

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