10 Tips For Coaching Girls Soccer

Hundreds of tips for coaching girl’s soccer exist, but there are really only several handfuls that can really make a big difference on and off of the field. Different tips will be more or less important depending on the age of the team and the division that they play in. Older girls who are in the more competitive leagues will usually have more respect for the sport and hard work than young girls playing in a local league that does not compete much. You need to know when to use certain tips and when not to.

  1. The first thing you need to realize when coaching girl’s soccer is that girls are not the same as boys. Girls may not handle criticism or yelling in the same way that a boy would. Sometimes you can shout at a boy and it will motivate him to player harder, while the same treatment with a girl could cause her to play worse and be upset.
  2. Conditioning for girl’s soccer should not be the same as it is for boys. Girls do not need to run sprints at the same speed because their bodies do not need the same exact kind of conditioning to improve. You need to figure out what trains your girls the best and use this to improve their conditioning.
  3. Practice should focus on teamwork because this is where girls will usually excel. Teach them to play with each other as a team and they will all enjoy the sport much more and have fun playing together as a team. A team that enjoys the sport is one that will be much more successful in games.
  4. Try having time for the girls to bond during practice so that they learn to like each other’s company. Make practice thirty minutes longer and have the girls do stretches together so that they have time to blow off steam and talk to each other before actually practicing. This will not only limber them up for practice, but it will also give them time to become friends.
  5. Have events outside of practice and games where the girls can come together as a team and just have fun. You could have a pool party or take everyone out to eat one night just so the girls can cut loose and have a good time together.
  6. Be encouraging even when you are critiquing. Before you tell a player to work on her shooting accuracy, try giving her a compliment at something else she has improved upon and she will be much more likely to take the criticism happily and work on it her hardest.
  7. Be friendly with the girls and try to get to know each and every one of them. Every girl will act differently and require different types of encouragement and motivation. Some will be tough and quiet while others might be more emotional, but every single one of them is important to the team.
  8. Treat the girls with respect and they will respect you back. Be firm with your decisions as a coach, but do not be disrespectful. You will lose your player’s respect if you disrespect them and once it is lost it is hard to get it back.
  9. When one of the girls does something good, make sure you let her know that you noticed. If she is practicing extremely hard one day then you should tell her that you are proud of her. You might just notice that she practices harder from then on out the whole entire season.
  10. Have a positive attitude and be a good leader at all times when coaching girls soccer. You need to learn to motivate them without making them upset. You should always be responsible and caring and they will return the favor tenfold.
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