10 Tips For Dating Beautiful Women

Learn about these 10 tips for dating beautiful women and your dating life will be golden. Is it really as hard as you think to date beautiful women? There can be a very attractive woman who is conceited and make it hard  to approach her, but you may meet a beautiful woman that doesn’t realize how stunning she is, making it easy for you to try and date her. If you are lucky you may come across a gorgeous woman who is down to Earth and doesn’t just look at physical appearance, but personality as well. You may not realize this, but some beautiful women have a tough time getting dates. Guys are  afraid of getting shot down by someone so appealing, he may not even ask her out, fearing rejection.

  1. Show no fear. You will get eaten alive if you show fear when trying to date a beautiful woman. She will sense your fear and lack of confidence. Which will make her feel like you are not worthy of her time and she will shoot you down.

  2. Good personality. Beautiful women like to laugh and have fun. All beautiful women are not stuck up and unapproachable. If you are nice and a fun person to be around, she will want to be around you to.

  3. Dress well. Beautiful women have and image to up hold. So if you spot a beautiful woman you would like to date don’t think you will get far trying to talk with a beautiful woman dressed in yard clothes. Unless you come across woman who is doing a little yard work as well.

  4. Treat her like she’s ordinary. When trying to date an exquisite looking woman don’t let on to her how hot you think she is. Let her believe she just blends in with the crowd, that will work in your favor. Just don’t say anything insulting.

  5. Don’t chase behind her. If you try to talk with a beautiful woman and she gives you the cold shoulder before you can utter two words don’t waste your time. It would be a headache for you to continue trying to date someone as superficial as that.

  6. Act like you don’t notice her. Walk by her and don’t do a double take. Let her think you didn’t see her. When you go to talk with her just say, "oh, I didn’t notice you" at first, then introduce yourself. She might be a bit offended by that, but that will bring her down a peg.

  7. Never tell her how beautiful she is. More than likely you have heard hundreds of times how gorgeous she is and hearing it from you is not going to impress her. Tell her how nice she’s dressed and she will be surprised.

  8. Don’t look at her like you want to eat her up. Beautiful women like attention, but the pretty woman you have your eye on will not like you looking at her like a Thanksgiving dinner. Avoid doing that.

  9. No corny and flirty one-liners. Beautiful women get hit on all the time. So no need for those corny lines like “I know your feet must be hurting because you have been running through my mind all day.” She'll think you are trying to run game on her and she want give you the time of day.

  10. Do not try to win her over with gifts. Don’t try to get a beautiful woman to go out with you by buying her gifts. You’ll just be getting used in the process and she will only look at you as a sugar daddy.

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