10 Tips For Dating A Cougar

If you have just snagged an older lady, then check out these 10 tips for dating a cougar so you can keep her. A cougar is a woman who seeks out younger men to date. If you’ve attracted one of these prized ladies then you need to know what to do and not to do to keep her in your life.

  1. Give her attention. When your cougar is with you then she should be all you think about. Do not show any other women attention when you are out with your cougar.
  2. Be confident but not cocky. Cougars like men with confidence but not ones that are stuck on themselves. If you appear too arrogant to her then she might just move on to other prey just to humble you.
  3. Don’t be needy. While cougars love attention they don’t like to feel like they need to give you constant attention. When you first start dating a cougar you should let her be the one to make plans but be very enthusiastic about any plans she suggest.
  4. Be her eye candy. Part of the fun of dating a younger man is being able to show him off at social events. You should be able to handle yourself at social events without embarrassing her.
  5. Don’t count on forever. Most cougars are not looking to settle down. This doesn’t mean that they don’t want something long term but bringing up marriage to her or make plans months down the road might make her flee.
  6. Keep up the energy. Many cougars feel their men keep them young. Having less energy tan her will make her lose interest in you.
  7. Break out your wallet. Even if she doesn’t let you pay, you should always offer to do so. Never take for granted that everything will be on her dime.
  8. Be good in the bedroom. There’s no secret to one of the big reasons a woman goes for younger men. Yes there might be other reasons but sex is a big part of. Cougars are also known for liking to experiment and want open men in the bedroom.
  9. Help her experience life. Many cougars are women who have gotten divorced from unhappy marriages or gave up their personal life to put their career first. They like to experience life and want someone to come along for the ride.
  10. Know where you are going. Once a relationship develops you need to get it out front where you both see the relationship leading. Some cougars actually want a long-term relationship at some point.
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