10 Tips For Dealing With A Broken Heart

Breakups are painful but they do happen so it’s good to be prepared with 10 tips for dealing with a broken heart. It might not be easy and you won’t get over being heartbroken quickly but these tips should help lead you in the right direction to moving on.

  1. Take your time. One of the best tips for dealing with a broken heart is to simply give yourself some time. Getting over the sadness of a breakup is different for everyone and some deal with heartbreak better than others. The main thing you need to remember is that you need to take your time and let yourself heal before you can expect to bounce back to your normal self again.
  2. Let it all out. Don’t be afraid to cry and get all of your emotions out. There’s no shame is feeling sad when you’re dealing with a broken heart and crying is a natural part of the healing process. Allow yourself to take a timeout alone to grieve.
  3. Talk about it. You may think it’s better to keep your feelings inside but talking with a friend will help you deal with your broken heart. Confide in a friend and let them know you’re hurting.  Talking about your feelings is often hard for guys to do but if you have someone who is willing to listen and that you can trust, take that opportunity to express your feelings.
  4. Get rid of the past. Being in a relationship often means you will have items that your girlfriend has left behind or that she has given you. Getting rid of these things can really make a big difference in dealing with a broken heart. You don’t have to throw everything out but at least returning these items or placing it in storage will keep you focused on moving forward rather than dwelling on what was.
  5. Focus on you. Remember you? That person who was your priority and who you listened to before the relationship? Now that it’s over the best thing you can do to deal with your broken heart is to listen to yourself and focus on you. Forget about thinking what happened with the breakup and instead concentrate on doing the things you used to enjoy doing before the relationship.
  6. Keep yourself busy. Dealing with a broken heart is much easier to do if you are keeping busy.  You might be tempted to just stay at home and sulk by yourself but that will only make things worse. Go out, have fun, and hang out with friends. Do something to take your mind off of being heartbroken.
  7. Get closure. If your breakup left things hanging and questions left unanswered, try to seek some much needed closure. Talking to the one who broke your heart will probably be the last thing you want to do but if you feel like you can’t move on without clearing a few things up, talking to them will help. Once you get that closure you can focus on healing and moving on.
  8. Stay healthy. After a bad breakup you’re first reaction to dealing with it may be to stay up late, party hard, drink too much and eat junk food.  Don’t let yourself get carried away and don’t overdo it. Keeping healthy by moderation and exercise can help when you’re dealing with a broken heart.
  9. Think positive thoughts. Being negative might be tempting when you’re hurting bad from having your heart broken but staying positive will help you get over the breakup. Think of your good qualities, aspects of your life that are great and why you deserve to be happy.
  10. Look forward to the future. It may not seem like it now, but things will get better and you have a whole future ahead of you. Rather than staying in the past you should think about your future and what good things may be in store for you.
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