10 Tips For Decorating Small Apartments For Men

Follow these 10 tips for decorating small apartments for men, and your bachelor pad or dorm room is sure to be the talk of the town. There is no reason to spend a lot of money on the project, since most of the decorating tips are cheap or rely on scraps from mom and dad’s garage, granny’s attic or the dollar store. Before getting started with implementing one or all of these 10 tips for decorating small apartments for men, be sure to read through the lease to avoid any run-ins with the landlord.

  1. Provide focal points. It is easy to divert the eye’s attention away from the size of the room when giving it something else to look at. Pick one wall and create a huge piece of art. In a pinch, get a sheet of plywood and tag it with bright colors. Hang it from the chosen wall.
  2. Lighten up the room. Paint the ceiling and walls a very light color. The ceiling should be one shade darker than the walls, but not much more. Opt for shades of white, beige or light sand tones.
  3. Add accent lights. The biggest problem most bachelor pads have is the single light bulb or light fixture in the middle of the room. Even though it is functional, it does little to create a wow factor. Create accent lights–if you cannot afford to buy some–simply by using strands of leftover clear Christmas lights. Affix them underneath furniture, under the bed and under cabinets. The odd light play creates an awesome atmosphere.
  4. Add storage solutions. Clutter is the number one enemy of small digs and these 10 tips for decorating small apartments for men would be incomplete without addressing it. Buy or make risers for the bed and use the added space to store items. Hide everything in plastic boxes and simply use a long sheet or comforter to hang over the side of the bed.
  5. Spruce up the windows. If you don’t want to go for girly window treatments, buy some cling film to attach to the glass. It offers a modicum of privacy and can add color or stunning scenery to an otherwise drab view.
  6. Add height with curtains. Even if the windows in the apartment are little more than small boxes, install floor to ceiling curtains. In a pinch, use cheap shower curtains with a cloth exterior. The trick here is to keep them bunched up and opened with only a little of the window exposed, so that it looks as though the rest of the window was still hidden. This creates the illusion of a big window hiding behind the tall curtain.
  7. Throw pillows add splashes of color. If you are searching these 10 tips for decorating small apartments for men in the hopes of finding a cost-effective way to add some color, then throw pillows are the way to go. Dollar stores frequently offer cheap pillows and even if they do not match, they add copious splashes of color.
  8. Downsize the furniture. Take a minimalist approach and get rid of any stick of furniture you do not need. While two nightstands are nice, you probably only need one.
  9. Store the trinkets. Trophies, pictures, photos and a host of other items you accumulate might make great mementos, but they also take up a lot of room. Only display the latest achievements and store the rest.
  10. Listen to your “other.” The odds are good that your gal pal or best bud has some input on your apartment. Take their advice and try to see the home through their eyes.

While these 10 tips for decorating small apartments for men are by no means exhaustive, they steer you in the right direction to make the most of a limited space.

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