10 Tips For Decorating A Small Living Room For Men

Use these 10 tips for decorating a small living room for men. Design a space that is a manly haven. Your small living room makes your whole pad. Follow these tips for decorating a comfortable, stylish living room that looks bigger than it is.

  1. Use light colors on the walls. Light colors open a room. They make it appear as large as possible.
  2. Paint your ceiling a very bright white. This makes it appear as though there is a light source from above. Visually, it expands the height of a small living room for men.
  3. Keep window treatments simple, so they open the room, and don’t add bulk or block any light. Install streamlined window coverings that fit within the frame of the window. Choose mini-blinds, wooden blinds or roman shades, for example.
  4. Place large mirrors on one or two of the walls. Mirrors visually expand the space you have. Mirrors also reflect the light in the living room, making it seem brighter, and thus, bigger.
  5. Choose seating that works with the scale of your small living room. Stay away from overstuffed, bulky sofas. Choose one sleek sofa or love seat for two or three. Use a pair of chairs as the rest of your seating furniture. Get several large pillows to stack under a table as extra seating when needed.
  6. Place a low, simple coffee table in front of your largest seating piece. Use a small table or pedestal at each chair. Make sure that there is an easy place for people to put a drink or a book when they are seated in your small living room.
  7. Go with just a few medium to large pictures. Place them on the walls above furniture at eye level. Groupings of smaller pictures can make a room seem smaller.
  8. Use plenty of lighting. Place tall stand lamps that have a vertical pole in the room. This will draw the eye up, and make the space seem bigger. Use one or two table lamps as well, but make sure they have a small footprint on your table, to conserve table surface area.
  9. Install a big screen TV on the wall. Get the sleekest, most streamlined one you can find. The TV screen should be as flush to the wall as possible to take up little space from the interior of the room.
  10. Choose decorative accents carefully. Look for just one object  that really speaks to you. Find something to use as a focal point on the coffee table, like a large glass vase that pops with color, or a sculpture that grabs your attention.
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