10 Tips For Dressing For Success

Here are 10 tips for Dressing for Success.  After scoring your dream job, you need to make sure you wear the right thing so you project an image that you have already arrived and you are successful.  You want people will focus on you and your ideas, not your crazy frog tie.  You have put in a lot of hard work to get to this point, don’t waste it all because you wore the wrong outfit.

  1. Dress Appropriately.  Pick out the right outfit for the occasion.  If you are going to a wedding ,read the invitation.  If it says black tie, that means a tuxedo.  When in doubt, dress up.  It’s always better to be overdressed and take off a jacket or tie for a more casual look.
  2. Foundation. A successful man's wardrobe needs a strong foundation.  Start off with a great white shirt, and black suit.  From there, add blue shirts, striped shirts, a blue suit, a grey suit, and khakis.  Each season buy a few quality pieces.  Most men wear through pants faster than jackets, if you love a suit, it’s worth it to buy two pairs of pants to go with a classic jacket.
  3. Limit Jewelry.  Stay away from anything religious so you don’t accidentally offend someone.  Limit your jewelry to a wedding ring and a watch.  Unless you're trying to be a successful rapper,  less is more when it comes to men's jewelry
  4.  Pick one interesting thing.  Successful men almost look like they're wearing a uniform.  Men’s professional clothing is fairly standard.  You want to stand out in a good way.    Larry King is known for his suspenders.  Find a way to stand out – within reason.
  5. Don’t go crazy.  Don’t wear a striped suit with a checked shirt and a polka dot tie.  Use common sense when picking ONE interesting item. 
  6. Use a Professional.  To look your best, spend a little bit of money on taking your clothes to a dry cleaner you trust to get it properly cleaned and pressed. 
  7. Storage.  After you start spending money on your clothes, make sure you take care of your investment.  Hang up your suits a short time after taking them off and they will last longer.  When you bring items back from the cleaner, take them out of the plastic which traps in moisture.  Hang them on wooden hangers, which create fewer lines than wire hangers.
  8. Love it. Only wear clothes that you love and that feel good.  When you’re wearing something you and you feel comfortable, your confidence shines through and success will follow.
  9. Fit.  Your suit and shirt need to fit you, and your tie needs to be long enough.  Find a tailor who understands what you want, and can adjust your clothes accordingly.  You can buy off the rack and spend a few extra dollars to customize the fit.
  10. Finishing Touches.  Just before you leave home, run a lint brush over your clothes and touch up your shoes with a neutral shoe polisher.  Even if you do not see anything it’s a good practice to develop.  This is the icing on the cake to make sure you’re well put together and project an image of success.

Make sure that you’re dressed to kill, and you will get ahead and be a success in every arena of life.  Good Luck!

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