10 Tips For Finding Your Soul Mate On EHarmony

Looking for 10 tips for finding your soul mate on eHarmony? Singles looking for a soul mate have been turning more frequently to online matchmaking sites like eHarmony for help, figuring a profile matching system has got to beat trying to meet someone in a bar after one too many lagers. It's certainly not uncommon anymore to run into couples who have met through eHarmony. If you are a single ready to try eHarmony, then the following tips could help you find your soul mate.

  1. Be specific when listing your interests on your eHarmony profile. For instance, don't just say you like the outdoors. Say you like bike riding, strolling or half marathons, whatever your interests are. If you aren't specific, you could be matched up with someone whose idea of enjoying the great outdoors is a picnic, while you would prefer a ten-mile bike ride.
  2. Include a photograph on your profile. Many prospective dates are wary of profiles that don't have a photo because they worry it's an indication that you have something to hide. Therefore, they won't open communication with you. Be careful, however, to pick a current picture that is flattering to you.
  3. Take the time to open communication with several eHarmony matches. Respond to communication requests made to you. Even if you aren't 100 percent sure about a possible match at first, you may find that you have a lot in common if you get a chance to email or talk to every potential soul mate. Also don't forget to close a communication request if you are not interested.
  4. Write honestly about yourself and your interests in your profile. Don't say things that aren't true just in hopes of attracting a woman. Remember that eHarmony is about compatibility, and if you aren't honest, there is no way that you can be matched up with a soul mate who will be compatible with you.
  5. Understand that you will probably face some rejection during the eHarmony process. You may try to open communication with a woman who never responds. Don't take it personally. She may now be in a relationship and is no longer dating.
  6. Take the time to communicate with woman you meet on eHarmony by phone and email to see if you are truly compatible. This is a good time to let a potential soul mate know things about you that may be important but are not on your profile, such as whether you are a vegetarian. Be a good listener and try not to hog the conversation or brag.
  7. Be realistic with your expectations. Unless you are a perfect ten (and who is?), don't expect prospective dates to be perfect. In addition, you need to be brutally honest about your own appearance and what type of woman would be interested in you. In other words, don't expect to only date super models if you look like Jabba the Hutt.
  8. Give the eHarmony process a chance.  Even if you are disappointed with the first round of matches eHarmony sends you, don't immediately decide that it's never going to work. You never know who may show up in the next set of matches.
  9. If you find someone who seems to be a good match and decide to go on a date, ask her for ideas on things she would like to do. If she doesn't have any ideas, take clues from her profile interests or from things you've talked about to plan a date that will be mutually interesting. Remember that picking the right location or activity for a date will do some of the work for you. For instance, you won't have to struggle for things to say if you are both interested in wines and you go to a winery.
  10. Hold back on trying to get intimate on the first date. Many women who use matchmaking websites, especially those new to the process, are leery that the men on the sites are just after sex. If you make a move too quickly, she will probably decide you're nothing more than a snake and end the date and any chance of future dates.
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