10 Tips For Folding Laundry

Doing laundry is one task most dread doing, but it does not have to be the least favorite by using these 10 tips for folding laundry.  Folding clothes and other items can be perhaps the most labor-intensive part of laundry, as washing machines and dryers take care of most of the rest.  By staying organized, planning ahead, making the task more entertaining and enlisting some help, folding laundry can be a breeze.

  1. Take clothes out of the dryer immediately.  Allowing clothes to sit after the drying cycle is completed will cause wrinkles.  Even the best and most-precise folding will not get rid of some wrinkles, so save a step and fold as soon as clothes dry.
  2. Fold on a table about waist high.  Working on a surface in which you don't have to bend over each time will make the folding process less painful on your back and joints.  The decreased range of motion also makes folding clothes faster.
  3. Start with the clothes that will wrinkle first.  By leaving thick sweaters and socks for last, you can most times fold the other items before wrinkles set in.  Getting to these delicate items before they wrinkle can also eliminate the need for ironing such items later.
  4. Work with one type of clothing at a time.  By folding each clothing type in batches, such as all shirts at once, all pants at once, etc, you can get into a rhythm, making the folding process faster and easier.  This also helps to organize clothing, making putting it away faster as well.
  5. Separate clothes by person.  If you're doing laundry for a full household, work with one person's clothes at a time.  This will eliminate the sorting process after all is folded, making the clean laundry easier to put away.
  6. Get a buddy to help.  Folding large items like sheets and blankets can be difficult for one person, but using two people makes the job manageable.  Similarly, the more hands you have the faster the folding process will be.  Children can also help, especially folding smaller items like wash clothes and matching socks.
  7. Fold sheets and large items on a table.  If a second person is unavailable to help folding large items, lay these out on a large, clear table.  This will keep them off the floor and allow them to lay flat, decreasing wrinkles.
  8. Consider the storage space.  When folding clothes, keep in mind where they will be stored, such as in a dresser or similar.  If your drawers are deep fold clothes into rectangles.  If your drawers are shallow, fold clothes into squares.
  9. Hang some clothes, fold the rest.  Items like sweaters, dresses and pants can take up a large portion of your drawer space, but hanging these items not only eliminates the amount of time you spend folding laundry, but also gives more space in your drawers for other items.
  10. Make the task enjoyable.  Fold clothes near a television or radio, giving you something else to focus on.  Having a bit of entertainment can make even the least favorite task, such as folding laundry, a bit more pleasant.
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