10 Tips For Fulfilling Sexual Fantasies

With these 10 tips for fulfilling sexual fantasies, you'll find help to take the first steps to obtaining your desires. These steps are not too difficult to achieve, but it always depends on the complexity of your wild imagination.

  1. Make A Sexual Fantasy List. You need to put your fantasies in proper order. The ones that are easy to fulfill come first. That is regarding place, person, money to invest, what cloth you will want to use, what materials you need, what music you would like to hear and how many people you want to involve.
  2. Sexual Fantasy Time Schedule. After you have made a clear list you need to set the time. Some fantasies can last one night or maybe only minutes. For fantasies that are longer and involve visiting other places for a "sexual trip" you should schedule your time. Grab a calendar and choose the dates when you can be totally immersed in these activities.
  3. Role-play Fantasies. This kind of acting or disguising is easy to do. Just go to a Sex Shop and choose the cloths that best fulfill your dreams. You can also acquire sexual toys.
  4. Sex and Exotics Places. Some places are excellent backdrop for any fantasy. Just imagine having sex next to Niagara Falls, near the Amazon River or in a secret oasis in the Sahara desert. These all can be done, just contact a travel agency and book reservations.
  5. Inside The Car. This is an easy fantasy that can be done in any kind of car, as long as there is enough space. However, the prudent advice is that if you are going with a girl be sure that you park in a place where it is better to be inside the car instead of outside such as a parking lot or next to the highway in winter.
  6. The Fan Letter. This fantasy is like playing the lottery and your chances of winning are real. Many men dream to being with an adult model for a day. Good news guys, some of them have a personal page and a forum where they interact with the fans. Once a month they pick one lucky guy. If you participate, and don’t act like a pig or a stalker, you will stand a good chance to be chosen.
  7. The Zoo. To clarify, this does not mean having sex fantasies in a zoo or with an animal. Some people dream of having sex surrounded by animals like lions or snakes. In those clubs where a chick is dancing next to an animal, it may be helpful to ask a stripper how you can fulfill this requirement. They will know where to go.
  8. Back To School.  If your girl is an adult who went to a school where she wore a uniform, ask her if she can use it again for fantasy purposes. If she agrees then it will blow your mind for sure.    
  9. People Interaction Fantasy. To fulfill this “multiplayer” dream where you would like to exchange partners, you need to have some swinger experience. There are clubs and parties of this kind everywhere. Just do some research for swinger resorts in this site.
  10. Bondage Sex Prisoner. If you keep this concept to a sane degree almost everyone can enjoy it. To fulfill this sexual dream you can start with the basic handcuffs to tie her to the bed or blindfold her. Try it, it can be fun.
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