10 Tips For Getting Back Together After A Break Up

Breaking up is a hard to do, and finding 10 tips for getting back together after a break up may seem even harder. If both parties agree to give the relationship another try, getting back together may be easier and more likely than thought. No matter what steps a couple takes to get back together, it will take hard work from both parties to make the relationship work.

  1. Regulate emotions. Many couples break up during an argument, when emotions are running high and it is difficult to make rational and logical decisions. Coming together after the break up and remaining cool, calm and collected will make it much easier for second chance to occur.

  2. Give each other space. Calling, texting and emailing immediately after the break up will increase the likelihood of the ex staying angry and wanting no part in getting back together. Wait until the waters have calmed and things are more settled before jumping in and attempting a reconciliation.

  1. Recognize that the relationship had problems in the first place. Just because both exes are willing to come back together in a relationship does not mean that the problems are instantly solved. Both parties must be willing to fix what caused the relationship to sever in the first place.

  1. Be mature and honest with one another. If the break up occurred because of trust issues, a betrayal or just simply incompatibility be honest about it. This is not the time to hide feelings from one another, as getting back together should be a chance to start over with a clean slate.

  2. Do not apologize for everything or place all the blame on one party. It is obvious that both parties must have played some part in the break up, and both parties must admit their mistakes. It is also not wise to accept all the blame for the break up, as it will be easy to harbor feelings of resentment if neither party changes their ways.

  1. Take baby steps. Remember to start out slowly. This will be almost like starting to date again, and getting to know one another all over again. Nothing can be redone, re-said or taken back, but it this is a second chance and both parties should realize that starting out slow will increase likelihood of success the second time around.

  1. Avoid the mistakes of last time. If the break up was a result of a betrayal of trust or a hurtful action on or both parties, do not do that action again. Learn to communicate and work together to avoid the actions or inactions from the first time around. Learning from mistakes is the mature route of any healthy relationship.

  1. Forget the old baggage. Yes, hurt feelings have occurred, but not letting go of that hurt will make it impossible to move forward in the relationship. One cannot move forward if they are always looking behind them. Remember to address the hurt as it happens, but not use it to repeatedly start conflicts over and over again.

  2. Money may be the root of all evil, but learn to compromise if needed. Most couples argue about money at least once in their relationship. Learning to compromise about how money is spent and saved will decrease conflicts about money.

  3. Love one another as you want to be loved. This is basically the cardinal rule of every intimate relationship. If someone wants to be trusted, adored and cared for it is only right that they should project these feelings back to their loved ones. Learning to love is almost harder than being loved, and both partners will need to learn this skill to make the relationship work.

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