10 Tips For Getting Over Being Dumped

Learning these 10 tips for getting over being dumped is something you do not think about when you are in a relationship. Since, you expect your relationship to succeed. However, we have all at one time or another endured the pain of being dumped and when this happens to us, it requires strength to move one. For anyone who has endured the heart break of being dumped or are going through this heartbreak, this article will help you come to grips with the situation.

  1. Rely on your friends at this difficult time. They will be able to give you comfort and help you get over being dumped. Do not rely on friends who are not sympathetic to your plight as they will drag you down.
  2. Distance yourself from the person who dumped you as much as possible. Being close to the person or the event tend to make things worse because you may spend time thinking about the person more than you need to do. Additionally, when you distance yourself, take that time to think and try to view things in a positive manner.
  3. Face the fact that the relationship is over. This is not easy since you have invested so much in the relationship, but it is the only way you can move on to hopefully find a better relationship.
  4. Avoid the temptation to suggest to the person who dumped you that you want to be friends. Although some people have success maintaining a non-intimate relationship with an ex, it is not easy, and it can make the pain linger. Try not to rekindle the relationship because if they have made the decision to move on, you are only hurting yourself when you hold on to the past.
  5. Do not enter into a new relationship immediately. It is not a good idea to enter into a new relationship immediately. Emotionally you may not be ready to start a new relationship. Give yourself time to mourn the lost and experience the anger, these are ways to make you whole again after being dumped. If you absolutely feel the need to be involved in a relationship choose a platonic relationship.
  6. Accept the end of a relationship when you are dumped. Do not waste your time wishing and hoping the ex would come back to you in the future. Generally, when your ex dumped you, they mean it is over. Think about what you want to do with your time concentrate on your life.
  7. Don't embroil yourself in any revenge plot. This only leads to pain and heartache in the long run. You may feel better for a while but at what expense. It is not worth the agony move on.
  8. Buy a journal if you do not have one already. Write down in your journal how you feel, and vent your anger and frustration. Sometimes something simple such as writing how you feel on paper can make you feel so much better. The journal also over time will show you how much improvement you have made.  
  9. Engage in an activity you enjoy or treat yourself to something special is another way to get over being dumped. If you like to bowl, go out bowling. You do not have to have the ex with you to enjoy your favorite past time. Treat yourself to a manicure, facial, massage or a pedicure. Buy a new outfit if you budget allows it, and have a bubble bath, or treat yourself to your favorite meal. Don't choose a meal that you shared often with the ex that dumped you because this will just evoke memories.
  10. Channel your pain into something positive. Do this by maybe starting an exercise program. Exercise has various benefits including reducing anxiety, depression as well as other health benefits.
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