10 Tips For Hooking Up With A Girl At A Bar

If you want to hook up with a girl at a bar, try one of these 10 tips for hooking up with a girl at a bar. Any one of these tips can be your key to success with the ladies. You can also try to combine multiple tips to increase your chance of scoring. Don't go home by yourself. Instead, become a true ladies man with these tips.

  1. Eye contact – Look into that girls eyes. This tip seems simple enough, but making eye contact can go along way towards hooking up with that girl you just met at the bar. 
  2. Humor – Try telling a good joke. Sure, this one might seem cheesy, but ladies love a man with a good sense of humor. Don't go over the top with this one. Subtle humor is the best.
  3. Dress for success – Looking sharp is important if you want to hook up with girls. How a man dresses says a lot to the ladies. Also remember to dress appropriately for the occasion.
  4. Buy her a drink – Another simple tip. Buying a drink can be a great introduction, or if you're already further along try buying a drink to close the deal.
  5. Impress her friends – Girls love their friends and they hold their opinions very highly. If you get in with a friend, this can be just the nudge the girl needs to hook up with you.
  6. Ignore her – This one might seem a little bit contrary. But if you're not getting anywhere try this reverse strategy. Woman want what they can't have, so at time, playing hard to get can work in your favor.
  7. Be direct – On the other hand, some girls like a direct approach. Scope at the situation, if the girl seems to like a direct approach, don't beat around the bush. Tell her what you want.
  8. Lady Friends – Go to a bar with a lady friend. This might seem strange, but if you arrive with another woman, this can actually work to your advantage. Bringing another woman into the mix can lower a girls defenses and provide the opening you need.
  9. Sing Karaoke – Another slightly different approach. This one will certainly get a girls attention. Bonus points if you are extra good or extra bad.
  10. Close the deal – In sales they call it A.B.C. always be closing. You want to walk in the bar with the eye on the prize which in this case is hooking up with a girl. Never forget this and always work towards closing the deal.
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