10 Tips For Hot Sexting

Guys (over 18, of course) can use these 10 tips for hot sexting to spice up their love lives with a high-tech twist. Though it’s been painted in a somewhat unfairly negative light by mainstream media, sexting can be a flirty, fun way to excite you and your partner. Take advantage of this new trend in sex by trying it out yourself, following these tips.

  1. Initiating the sext. In general, the rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t surprise the potential “sextee” with a message out of nowhere. Sexting is a delicate art, and for most women it requires a soft entry with mostly hints and suggestions.
  2. Paying attention to her response. After the first sexually tinged sext, you’ll know pretty quickly whether she’s digging it or not. If she shuts you down, don’t push the matter. Sexting is no fun when it’s just one person doing it. That’s pretty much just masturbation with a cellphone.
  3. What to do if she reciprocates. Playing it cool and hot sexting might seem counterintuitive, but it is actually a pretty effective strategy. A couple suggestive texts is all it takes to get her going, from there, let her lead the way into more explicit territory.
  4. Starting off right. At this point, the sexting session is engaged. This is no reason to immediately get vulgar, though. Be playful and funny. Gradually delve into the more explicit stuff as you go.
  5. Tailoring your sexts. Hopefully, you know the girl you’re sexting pretty well. Using what you know, adjust your sexting technique. By knowing what she likes in the real bedroom, you can improve the experience in the virtual one.
  6. Being descriptive. The hottest sexts, for the most part, aren’t usually a single three word sentence. You’ve seen that romance novel in many girls’ dresser drawers for a reason – they like sensual elaboration.
  7. Taking it a step further. Hot sexting is a lot like actual sex. It requires foreplay, and then you can get down to business. When you think the time’s right, get a little more hot and heavy with your texts. If you’ve set yourself up correctly, you can expect her to do the same.
  8. Making a multimedia sexting experience. If you’re in the appropriate setting, try sending a few pictures. As a rule, make them mirror pictures in order to avoid nasty close ups, though.
  9. Ending the sext. Don’t just stop the sexting abruptly by not responding. Give it a definite ending, so that you or her aren’t left hanging and feeling embarrassed.
  10. Setting yourself up for the future. This is really what good sexting is all about. By now, this girl is hot and bothered. Knowing that she’s in a revved up state, end the sexting session with plans to meet, and take the virtual sex into the realm of the real world. 
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