10 Tips On How To Date An Actress

Here are 10 tips on how to date an actress that work for many show business veterans and ingenues. Dating an actress is something that many men fantastise about. Whether it's the fact that performing artists tend to be in touch with their emotions-or something a bit more on the shallow side-that makes you want to date an actress, there's a way. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Go to acting showcases. Actresses often join groups or put on acting showcases themselves. This is a great way to be seen in front of casting directors and agents. It's also a great way of mingling with actresses. Showcases should not be confused with a singles club, though. Only go to a showcase if you are also interested in the art of acting. Other ways of meeting actresses include bars near popular theaters and acting schools.
  2. Consider contributing your own talents to amateur or non-profit theater. If you enjoy lighting, sound or usher work, it's a great way to be a part of show business with little to no experience required. You'll work firsthand with actresses, and you'll get to know them without pressure.
  3. Be yourself. Once you are around an actress that you very much want to date, it's important that you be yourself. Actresses are often trained to study others in acting classes. It's a part of the emotional training and character training in many schools. As such, you just maybe found out a lot sooner if you try to be fake. Instead, keep it real. Your actress date will much appreciate it.
  4. Don't be the jealous type. As an actress, your date will likely have to be in romantic plays and movies. She'll do romantic scenes with men for the rest of her career. If you are easily jealous, you should avoid dating an actress or take serious steps to get over it. Although it is only acting, it can be very upsetting for some partners.
  5. Be respectful of her schedule. You may have to switch around your schedule in order to see your actress date. The schedule of an actress is usually a hectic one. For working actresses, she may have 12-hour days on sets or longer for a couple of weeks at a time. For actresses who aren't working in their chosen field, they often have to juggle auditions with a regular dayjob. Finding your way into the schedule may be a challenge. It's best to keep your schedule on the flexible side.
  6. Be a rebel. Lots of men are happily married to actresses, as is true of any profession. Yet, there are those who swear off ever dating an actress. You are dealing with a profession that makes huge demands of women. Assess your abilities to be generous in a relationship.
  7. Don't take yourself too seriously. Be ready to laugh at yourself. Make the actress in your life laugh, too. Show business isn't always a funny business, and you'll need to lighten things up sometimes.
  8. Try acting out for yourself, even if it's just for one class. You'll feel much closer to the actress you're dating if you know more about what drives her and what her creative process is really like.
  9. Be willing to do a temporary long distance relationship. Actresses often get work that requires travel out of the state or country for a part. This can last for weeks to months at a time. Consider whether that is something that you can handle before getting serious with the actress you aim to date.
  10. Be aware that actresses are essentially like all the rest of us. While you should respect and treasure your date, nobody wants to be put on a pedestal simply because of her chosen profession.
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