10 Tips On How To Get Promoted At Work

In this economy, not only are jobs hard to come by but people want more money now; if a person wants to get promoted at work, the answer is simpler than they may think.  Overall, it comes down to being an asset to your organization.

  1. Be early.  Whether you are reporting for work, meetings or even conference calls, this is the one way to guarantee that you will have a heads up on the happenings as opposed to waiting at the last-minute.  This is also a good way to ensure that work will be completed by the deadline and you could possibly assist on other projects.
  2. Be a team player.  Nowadays, some companies are working on skeleton crews to assure that business will stay afloat.  This means that employees are taking on more duties than usual or having to be flexible with their current duties.  The person who can do this without complaining will not be overlooked when there is a possibility of getting promoted at work.
  3. Learn the industry. Somewhere in the interviewing process, you most likely did research on the company that eventually hired you.  Go beyond this by reading the business section of newspapers, trades and other forms of media about your company’s competition.
  4. Be willing to advance on your own time.  Some employers still pay for their staff to attend continuing education classes, even if it is a partial reimbursement.  The person who takes the initiative by paying the out of pocket expenses or works around their schedule so that there is no interruption to work flow is not likely to be passed over for advancement opportunities.
  5. Cut the chit-chat.  There is nothing wrong with socializing with co-workers but learn to draw the line between a polite exchange, being in the know of things that may affect your job and trivial (and possibly speculative) gossip.
  6. Volunteer for company functions.  This is an excellent way to get to know the inner workings and history of your company as well as the jobs of others while being sociable.
  7. Take your boss to lunch.  This is not only a friendly way to get to know them outside of the office but you can get a heads up on job forecasting and other issues that may affect your career.  This can be a simple meal at a nearby casual restaurant and it is best to keep conversation general and let them do most of the talking.
  8. Take on tedious duties.  This may be reception relief, ongoing filing or doing the legwork on a data collection project.  It may not be part of your normal duties but your assistance will be appreciated.
  9. Find ways to improve work flow.  This could include using a new technology or  implementing a method of working that can reduce time and possibly save money.  Be prepared to present this to supervisors (and others who matter) with data and other supporting documents.
  10. Another way assist in getting promoted at work is to be likeable with skin of rubber.  Get along with everyone possible and do not take every misunderstanding or bad work moment to heart as it can affect productivity.
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