10 Tips On How To Masturbate


Since it is a great way to learn what you enjoy sexually, here are 10 tips on how to masturbate to make it more pleasurable.  Before you know it, you will be able to tell your partner exactly what you like and how you like it.

  1. Privacy. Finding some privacy will really help with the experience especially if it is your first time. Nothing can ruin the mood more than worrying about getting caught.
  2.  Get over your fears. At first masturbating might feel awkward and taboo but remember it is perfectly normal to masturbate. As long as masturbating isn’t an addiction for you then you aren’t doing anything wrong.
  3.  Relax. Take your time and make sure you are relaxed. Just like sex shouldn’t be rushed neither should masturbation.  Masturbation should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience.
  4.  Remember the lube. Having a good amount of lubrication can make all the difference when masturbating. K-Y jelly is a great lube to intensify the feeling.Trying to masturbate without lubricant can be painful.
  5. Visual Stimulation. Having some visual stimulation can make the experience much more pleasurable.  A good video, magazine, or even just thinking about someone you are sexually attracted to will help. Try to imagine yourself with the person you are looking at or thinking of. Imagine what you would do to them sexually if they were with you.
  6.  Practice. The first time you masturbate it might not feel all that great. You really do have to take the time to figure out what feels good for you. If one thing doesn’t feel good try something else the next time.
  7.  Get a good grip. If you are a man then having a nice firm grip on your penis will make the experience more pleasurable.  You should also change up the intensity. Stroking the penis really fast and then slowing it down can make for a wonderful orgasm.
  8.  Try different areas. If you are a women then try different areas. Rubbing the clitoris in a circular motion feels incredible to some women. Other women enjoy direct stimulation into the vaginal area. Try them both and figure out what works for you.
  9.  Use a toy. There are all sorts of adult toys on the market that can add some spice when you masturbate. Some of the more popular toys for women are vibrators and dildos. Popular toys for men are blow up dolls and plastic vaginas. Experimenting with toys can not only bring some excitement to your solo sex life but to your sex life with your partner.
  10.  Let your partner watch. After you get comfortable masturbating alone let your partner watch. There is nothing sexier than watching someone masturbate. It might even turn you on knowing that someone is watching you.