10 Tips On How To Sing Better

Use these 10 tips on how to sing better to impress your friends, improve your garage band or simply sound better when you perform for your cats in the bathroom. Everyone can sing, just not everyone can sing well. Apply these tips to your singing to make the most of what you were given by nature.

  1. Breathing. The first tip on how to sing better is learn how to breath properly. When you inhale, push your stomach out. You will feel your diaphragm, the muscle just above your stomach, rise. You will take in more air. This extra air is what allows a singer to maintain notes and hold pitch. It also allows you to sing smoothly, without taking breaths in the middle of bars or phrases.
  2. Opening the throat. Practice pushing your throat outward, like you are pushing it out the front of your neck. This tip on how to sing better allows for the vocal cords to expand and allows more air flow for sustaining notes.
  3. Stand up. The next tip on how to sing better is to simply stand up when you sing. Standing lines up the airway so the flow is direct.
  4. Shoulders back. When you push your shoulders slightly back, you can feel the chest cavity slightly open up. This tip on how to sing better allows you to breath easier and take faster breathes while singing.
  5. Open your mouth. Many persons do not open their mouth wide enough when they sing. Get over the shyness and use this tip on how to sing better to open the mouth for better tone, volume and pronunciation while singing.
  6. Use your tongue. The placement of your tongue while you sing assists in clarity. This tip on how to sing better includes practicing saying "la", "le" "lo" and "lu" repetitively until you can say them quickly in succession without stopping.
  7. Leave out the "r's". This tip on how to sing better gets rid of the nasal sound when singing. Leave the letter "r" off the end of all words when singing. Sing it as a "ah" sound instead.
  8. Find your key. Another simple tip on how to sing better is find the right key for you. Songs written too high or too low for your voice will never sound right.
  9. Relax. Take this tip on how to sing better and relax. When the body is relaxed, it is easier to breathe. This ease in breathing improves your tone and sustain.
  10. Find your volume. Everyone has a natural volume at which they speak. The same goes for singing. The final tip on how to sing better is to find the right volume for your voice. Too loud will feel strained and too soft will sound garbled.
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