10 Tips For Ice Fishing In Alaska

These 10 tips for ice fishing in Alaska will help you stay safe and effectively catch more fish during your outing.  Use them to aid you in your  ice fishing adventure while in the beautiful state of Alaska.

  1. Check to make sure the ice is safe.   Tap the ice at the shore to hear hollow sounds.  It is not safe to walk on the ice if you hear hollow sounds because this suggests the presence of air pockets underneath the ice and sunken water levels.
  2. Wear safe clothing for ice fishing in Alaska.  Avoid cotton because it traps moisture, which creates an environment for frostbite.
  3. Be able to swim well enough to feel comfortable in the water.  This will help you to quickly get out of the icy water should you ever fall in.
  4. Be prepared before leaving to go on the ice in Alaska.  Do a checklist to make sure you have everything you need, such as, bait, blankets, and extra clothing.
  5. Put crushed egg shells down the ice fishing hole.  Doing this will make the fish show up better by lightening the background of the lake.
  6. Be patient.  Change lures periodically based upon the results you are receiving.
  7. Use baits/lures that attract the senses of the fish.  Fish use sight, sound, and smell to find food.
  8. Ask the local bait/tackle stores in Alaska about good locations to fish.  They will be helpful because the more fish you catch, the more supplies you may need to purchase from them.
  9. Tie an empty plastic bottle with a cap on it onto your ice ladle or fishing rods.  If you ever accidentally drop either of them into the water, they will float.  The bottle should be small in size.
  10. Ventilate your ice house if you are using a portable heater to keep it warm.  Proper ventilation will keep you and your family safe from carbon monoxide poisoning while ice fishing in Alaska.



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