10 Tips For Keeping The Love You Find

If you're reading an article offering ten tips for keeping the love you find, you're probably in love with someone you believe is also in love with you. Chances are you'd probably like to keep it that way. Congratulations, you've done the hard part. Finding a compatible mate is harder than keeping one, especially if you follow these tips for keeping the love you find.

  1. Don't let yourself go. Everyone wants to believe that their partner would still love and desire them no matter what they looked like, but sexual attraction is part of love, and your partner was attracted to the way you looked when you met. It's normal to gain and lose weight over time, and you can't always workout everyday, but you owe it to your partner, and yourself, to remain as much like that person your partner originally fell in love with as possible.
  2. Stay interesting. Just because you're paired up doesn't mean you stop being an individual. Continue to pursue the hobbies, goals and dreams you had before you met your partner.
  3. Do things without your partner. No matter how much you love someone, you're not going to want to spend all your free time together. It's okay to grab lunch with the girls on the weekend or go out with the boys to watch the game and throw back a couple of beers. These friendships were important before you got together, and they're still important.
  4. Accepts flaws. Nobody is perfect, not even this new love you've found. You can constantly fight about these flaws, fume silently until you go crazy, or you can just accept them and move on. Obviously, this tactic doesn't work with big things. You're not supposed to accept your girlfriend cheating on you or getting drunk every night.
  5. Maintain the mystery. A very important tip to keeping the love you find is to remember that while your girlfriend may also be your best friend, that doesn't mean you should treat her like one of the guys. For instance, she doesn't need to know the gory details of your past sexual conquests. Do you really think that's going to make her want to jump in bed with you?
  6. Make the small gestures. You may not be able to afford to buy your girlfriend a diamond tennis bracelet, but making sure you have her favorite brand of soda in your fridge and letting her keep a stash of tampons under your sink say more about how you feel about her anyway.
  7. Don't take anything for granted. When someone consistently treats you well and does nice things for you, there's a danger of coming to expect it and forgetting that the person is making an effort each and every time they do something for you. Remembering to thank your partner will not only make them feel appreciated, it also ensures they'll keep making the little gestures.
  8. Don't stop having sex. It's normal for sex to taper off a little bit after the frenzy of the first few months, and illness, stress, or conflicting schedules can sometimes throw a wrench into things. But if you are interested in keeping the love you find, making sure you have a thriving sex life is very important.
  9. Accept her friends and family. These people are an integral part of your partner's life, and they've known your partner for far longer than you have. Make it a priority to get to know your partner's friends and family and get along with them. You don't have to become best friends with your girlfriend's mom, but referring to her negatively  isn't a good idea.
  10. Communicate. You'll never be successful at keeping the love you've found if you don't talk to your partner. Silence allows little problems and annoyances to grow into relationship-killing issues. You should be able to talk to your partner about anything. If you feel like you can't, you're probably with the wrong person.
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