10 Tips For Meeting Women In Their Mid 20’s

If you need 10 tips for meeting women in their mid 20's, read on to learn how to woo a younger woman. Generally speaking, women in their mid 20's tend to live a more carefree, fun-loving lifestyle than older women. You first need to find women in this age range, which can be harder than it looks. Follow these tips for finding and meeting women in their 20's, and you’ll have dating success.

  1. Go in packs. Women in their mid 20's usually have plenty of gal pals and love spending a night out on the town with big groups. Be ready for this and bring a couple guy friends of your own so you don’t look like the one random creep at the club.
  2. Three works like charm. Don’t approach a young woman who only appears to be with one other friend. If you go for the girl, she might not go home with you because she doesn’t want to leave her friend alone. If you approach a group of three women, however, you avoid making any girl feel left out.
  3. Go into the city. Spend a night on the town in big cities like Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago. To have the best chance, you’ll want to visit areas with a huge population of 20-something women and that usually won’t be in sleepy towns or suburban neighborhoods.
  4. Don’t pay to find women. Skip e-Harmony or any other paid dating services. These usually attract older women or those more interested in a long term, serious relationships. If you’re going for a more carefree type of girl, try Ok Cupid. The service is free and often is a good place to find women in their mid 20's, with no strings attached.
  5. Catch up on academics. Try visiting the community colleges around your area and take an interesting class like a languages course or an acting class to find a younger woman brushing up on her skills. Ask her to meet for a study date before a test and see where it goes from there.
  6. Walk a dog. Women in their 20's love seeing a guy with a dog. They’re not yet old enough to find a kid adorable since that’s a huge commitment, but caring for a cute puppy shows just the level of responsibility that they’re looking for. Plus, they’ll need to stop and pet it for a while, so make sure that you get their digits during that time.
  7. Hit the beach. Younger women love visiting the beach, since they have the bodies to rock swimsuits. If you’re trying to meet a woman in her mid 20's, you should definitely head towards the water. Don’t come off like a creep, though, and just walk up to her alone. If you are both at the beach with friends, try approaching her and inviting her to game of volleyball with her friends.
  8. Try concerts. Head out to a concert to find eligible women in their mid 20's. Avoid classical or dated music. Try a pop or rock band to find the biggest offering of young single ladies.
  9. Hit the gym. Working out is a great way to meet women in their mid 20's, and physical activity helps you in more ways than one since working out will keep you trim and lean. Women in their mid 20's are often more preoccupied with a man’s build than more mature women, so if you’re an older man, you should especially make sure to take care of your body.
  10. Don’t be condescending. Younger women don’t want to be treated like little girls. They also can be more sensitive to questions about their job, future or responsibilities. Keep it light when you do decide to approach her.
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