10 Tips On Moving In With Girlfriend

Want 10 tips on moving in with your girlfriend?

You've decided to make that crucial step in your relationship, moving in with your girlfriend. Well brother, welcome to the real test. Here's where you get to find out just how compatible you guys really are together. There's no hanging up the phone in an argument now….nope you have to talk it out. You can't spray a can of "ignore" on her pesky feelings any more. You have to stand and face them, face them all! It was all fun and games before. Up to this point, you were playing minor league ball. Brace yourself buddy, you've just been called up to the majors. You want to survive? Better yet, you want to thrive in this new environment? Moving in with the girlfriend is all about compromise.

  1. Don't leave the toilet seat up. Remember all those bad habits you had when you lived alone? Moving in with your significant other means leaving those behind. It may have been cool to leave the cap off the toothpaste, the soap scum in the shower, and less than fresh undergarments all over the house. But it stops now.
  2. Your buddies have to buckle up  in the back. You'll still be able to hang out with your friends every now and then. You need to realize, however, that moving in with her means she now owns a majority share in your free time. So act accordingly. Checking in may be a rule under your new management.
  3. Listen up. Sharing a living space means more than just a place to store inanimate objects. Oh no guy,  you two will be sharing feelings and emotions. Be prepared to open up. Moving in with her means allowing her inside of your head and vice versa.
  4. Sharing really is caring. Leave that selfish two year old behavior in the nursery. Her feelings should be more important to you then your own. On the flip side, she should be the same way with you.
  5. Don't be afraid to be yourself. This is the real deal, dude. No time for fakers. She needs to see you for who you really are. If you want this relationship to flourish you guys have to be yourselves. Pretending to be someone to make the other person happy will eventually get old. You guys owe it to yourselves to get to know each other.
  6. Stay away from domesticated gender roles. Just because she's a female doesn't mean she should be cooking and cleaning for you all the time. Get your lazy butt up and prepare a meal for her once in a while. And try washing some dishes.
  7. Moving in with your girlfriend means opening yourself up to try things she likes. Maybe she doesn't want to watch the Cubs all the time. Divide your time doing things she enjoys, as well as the stuff you like.
  8. Find new things you both enjoy. Moving in with her, in essence means starting a new stage in your lives together as a couple. Why not find new places to explore? Try new restaurants. Take a "just for you" trip. Be creative.
  9. Don't be afraid to talk about the things you don't like. In a relationship, communication is key. More so now than ever because you guys are under the same roof. Talk about the issues in the relationship that bother you and be prepared to listen to her gripes as well. Eliminate the problems when they first arise. Your relationship will have an exponentially better chance of thriving if you handle the little stuff before it matures into bigger issues.
  10. Most importantly, keep the romance brand new. It's up to the both of you to make sure your union maintains that "new relationship smell." Guys tend to get comfortable in a relationship even more so then women. Just because you got her, doesn't mean all the sweet stuff you did for her before should be forgotten about. As a matter of fact, you should be like iron in your resolve to continue doing things to make sure she knows she's special to you. This is a sure fire way to keep your love strong!
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