10 Tips For New RV Owners

First time campers need help for their first outing, and with 10 tips for new RV owners many problems will be avoided. RV owners have an idea of what the first trip will be like, but it can take a few trips to learn what works best.

  1. Plan the route. Look at the route to your destination and plan where you will need to make fuel stops or to eat. Getting an RV in and out of some gas stations can be challenging. Truck stop style fuel stations are the best to use since they have plenty of turn around space.
  2. Start Packing a few days before the trip. Plates, utensils, towels and pans can all be packed well in advance of the departure date.
  3. Check vehicle maintenance. Get the oil changed if it's time, check the tire pressure, check the windshield washer fluid.
  4. An emergency road service membership is also something nice to have. Some of them also give discounts on camping reservations.
  5. Check RV status. Check that the fridge, air conditioner, water heater etc. all work well before leaving.
  6. Make sure you have sanitized the fresh water tank before filling for a trip. The tanks sit with appropriate amounts of bleach overnight.
  7. Fresh water supply status. If you will use the onboard toilets or sinks during the trip make sure you have some fresh water in your fresh water tank.
  8. Bring a portable dump tank cart. If you stay at a location that doesn't have full hookups you'll need a method for emptying the black and gray water tanks, otherwise you'll need to move the RV to the dump stations.
  9. Bring a door mat to place outside, to keep sand and dirt out of the RV.
  10. Get where you are going while it's still light out. Not much is more frustrating than setting up camp in the dark. It's harder to see backing up, looking for tools, etc.



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