10 Tips For Playing Squash

Squash is a great way to get exercise while having fun, so here are 10 tips for playing squash to get you started. While some people play in squash leagues and obviously some people play professionally, there are lots of people who just play for fun. Whatever level of play you hope to achieve, remember to take care of your whole body for better health

  1. Exercise outside of squash. Full body physical strength makes a better squash player. Running, biking and swimming are all good conditioning choices for improving your game.
  2. Take lessons. If it’s been a while since you’ve played or if you’re just beginning, spend the money to get a few lessons. You won’t only learn how to play the game better, you’ll learn how to play in a way that avoids injury and long term damage.
  3. Watch televised squash matches. Taking the time to watch pros will inspire you to improve while also teaching you more advanced aspects of the game. If your channels don’t show games, look online for big matches.
  4. Don’t be afraid of tournaments. While not for the beginner, squash tournaments can be a competitive, fun way for intermediate and expert players to hone their skills. Practice is fun but there’s nothing like winning a match that actually means something.
  5. Understand the mental aspect of the game. Squash requires players to be in shape physically as well as mentally. Read books and talk to your trainer about what how the mind is used in squash.
  6. Join a league. If you’re lucky enough to have a squash league where you live, join! Even if you’re used to just playing with friends, bumping your game up a level will inspire you to improve.
  7. Let your body rest. Squash is a physically intensive game. To keep yourself healthy and your game efficient, take a week off every three weeks of hard training to give your body a chance to recuperate. You can practice alone during your off week and practice focusing your mind.
  8. Learn star drills. One of the best ways to play squash better is to memorize the star drills of hitting the ball. Each time you swing, visualize hitting the ball on one of the star’s points. There’s a reason the pros use this drill.
  9. Get the right equipment. Your shoes and racket are the only thing between you and the hard surfaces and impact of the ground and ball. Make sure the gear you have is promoting health and not causing any long lasting injuries.
  10. Get rated. There is a specific rating system used in the squash community to match equally skilled players against each other. If you’re looking for tournaments or casual opponents, knowing your rating will help you find matches with people at your skill level.
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