10 Tips For Preparing For Sex

Following the 10 tips for preparing for sex will help get you ready for an incredible evening of love making.  Sometimes sex “just happens” but you can increase your chances of it happening and of it being incredible by taking the time to get ready. Prep yourself right, and the women will come back time and time again.

  1. Hygiene. Perhaps the most important tip for preparing for sex is to stay clean and in good hygiene. Remember, you want your partner to have her mouth on pretty much every part of your body, so you it to her to be clean, scrubbed, and fresh.  All over.
  2. Stay in shape. This is an ongoing tip for preparing for sex, but the ability to stay in good cardiovascular shape will help you please your partner for longer periods of time. In addition, you’ll feel good about your body and not be inhibited in the bedroom.
  3. Grooming.  Even if you’re clean, you need to make sure your certain body parts look good.  Your partner doesn’t want you to be so hairy?  Be a man and go to the salon for a waxing or shave.  Keep your nails clean and your eyebrows plucked.
  4. Food and drink. One tip for preparing for sex is to watch the sort of things you ingest the day of the event. If you get completely sloshed, you’re not going to be much good in the sack. Also, if you stuff yourself full of food—particularly something troublesome like Mexican—you’re not going to be performing at peak levels.
  5. Plan your moves. Your partner is going to want you be creative and novel and this is your chance to separate yourself from all those other guys. Think ahead of time about what you can do to her, focusing on your strengths and things you think she might like. Planning out what you’re going to do, for how long, and when is a good tip for preparing for sex so that you will show her you have command of the bed.
  6. Set the mood. You want to bring your partner into a nice environment, so set the mood before the moment arrives.  Make sure the temperature where you’ll be doing it is warm enough, that there is some nice music on, and that the bed is clean.  And don’t forget – chicks love candles.
  7. Empty the gun.  Depending on your eagerness, you might want to shoot a load off several hours prior to sex. Some guys finish too soon once the activities begin, and emptying the chamber beforehand will keep you in the saddle much longer.
  8. Post-sex activities.  Too many guys roll over and go to sleep when they’re done, seriously diminishing their chances of nailing that particular partner again.  Plan ahead what you can do afterward while cuddling…maybe have a comedy in the DVD player, or have some of her favorite desert stashed in the kitchen.
  9. Clear the house.  One tip for preparing for sex is to make sure you have privacy.  If you share a living space, you should subtly let your roomies know that you need some time alone for you and your lady friend.  Depending on your arrangements for these situations, this shouldn’t be a problem, and will ensure your partner feels comfortable when she gets back to your place.
  10. Medications.  Not everyone performs well, be it because problems with overexertion or from the inability to “perform.”  If you fall into this category, don’t forget to take whatever prescription medicines you require to be at top form. 
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