10 Tips For Racing Kayaks

New kayak racers could use these 10 kayak racing tips. These tips are guaranteed to give you a better edge while you’re racing, unless of course you’re a pro and already know them. Without further ado let’s begin.

  1. Make sure you have a racing kayak! This is important for the obvious reason that it will give you an edge in most races that everyone else probably has too, but hey, as least you won’t be at a disadvantage. Keep in mind that a good racing kayak is smaller than a regular kayak but still comfortable, and designed for speed!
  2. Next, you want you want to make sure to keep an eye on all of your opponents while you’re racing. This is important because it will not only help you with your strategy to see others race, but it will also help you avoid accidents or collisions with other kayak racers.                  
  3. Make sure to practice your technique before you go for a kayak race. This includes how to sit, and how to paddle correctly. Perfecting your technique will give the extra edge so you don’t get tired to quickly and will also keep you going at your maximum speed.
  4. Know your racing kayak before you go out on the water for a race. Since even new racking kayaks can have kinks, you should know all of the little ticks that are involved in making your racing kayak work as effectively as possible.
  5. You should know the track before each race. Give it a quick rundown a day before the race and mentally note any obstacles or areas you should avoid for whatever reason.
  6. Keep all of your gear maintained. This includes the kayak, paddles, etc. This is important for optimal performance from all of the gear. This involves cleaning all equipment and fixing any broken equipment.
  7. Make sure to have specified kayak racing equipment. This is important because racing and recreational equipment is designed specifically for what they are meant for, so for the fastest and best performing gear, go with the stuff specifically designed for kayak racing.
  8. Wear a life vest while you’re out racing. This may make you look like a wimp, but things can get heated out there, and you could easily fall out of your kayak, so be safe!
  9. Be confident you know how to swim. This one speaks for itself—don’t go out in the middle of water if you can barely swim, or even worse, can’t at all!
  10. Don’t forget to learn your own way around the kayak! Remember while you're racing to pay attention to everything you do that slows you down, and everything you do that seems to speed you up. This is how you become a pro!
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