10 Tips For Racing Road Bikes

Looking for 10 tips for racing road bikes? If you are new to road bike racing, then these 10 road bike racing tips could definitely benefit you. These tips will ensure that you have not only a fun road bike race, but also a safe one.

  1. Make sure to wear all safety equipment for a road bike race. This includes a helmet, pads and any other safety equipment that makes you feel comfortable. The most important part of any race is coming home alive and well.
  2. Do a quick once-over of any track before a road bike race. The things you want to take note of are any dangerous areas, such as sharp turns or steep hills. Also keep a lookout for any potholes or other obstacles that could slow you down, or worse.
  3. Know all of your basics before your first road bike race. These basics include things such as how to correctly take a jump, how to go around a turn and what to do in emergency situations. By being proficient in all of these areas, you will increase your chances of staying safe, and even winning!
  4. Check your bike and other equipment before and after a road race. Be as thorough with this check as your available time will allow. You want to look for things such as oil leaks, other kinds of leaks, overheating, etc.
  5. Buy the best possible road racing bike that your budget will allow right off the bat. The main thing you want to avoid having to do is fix up your bike as soon as you get it just because you bought the cheapest one you could find!
  6. Find a mentor for your dirt bike racing. Be sure to pick someone who is knowledgeable in the area. He will be able to help you find a strategy for certain roads, buy the best equipment and also be there to give you pointers about your technique.
  7. Cool off on the showboating during races. Those freestyle tricks are cool and all, but they can be dangerous, and since this isn’t a freestyle kind of race, do what you need to do to finish the race first!
  8. Don’t lose focus during a road race. The quickest way to an accident is to let your mind wander while you are racing. You need to keep a keen eye out for those other racers, obstacles and sharp turns, and this is much harder to do when you’re thinking about what you’re going to have for dinner that night.
  9. Be confident in yourself at every race. Being down on yourself and going into a race “knowing” you’re going to lose is probably going to yield that result. No matter what the odds, just fight hard and do your best!
  10. Network if you’re having problems finding races. Go to other races even if you couldn’t get into them for some reason. You’ll probably meet plenty of people looking to put together a road race, and you’ll be a shoo-in if you show interest from the beginning!
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