10 Tips On Running In The Morning

If you're looking for 10 tips on running in the morning, then this guide may be of interest to you. Exercise is crucial to our bodily maintenance and running is one way of accomplishing this. However, running early in the morning presents a challenge. Waking up out of that bed to go run outside in the wee hours seems difficult at first, but once you're finished, there's no feeling like it anywhere. Planning and consistency are two key factors that will aid you in your efforts to wake up for that early run.

  1. Lay out your running gear the night before. It's a good method of preparing for your early morning run to lay out the clothes you're going to wear just before you go to sleep. Waking up and seeing the clothes all laid out works as a motivational tool to get you into those clothes and get outside.
  2. Try sleeping in your running clothes. If laying out your running gear the night before doesn't work for you, you may want to try simply sleeping in your running gear. Of course, this does sound kind of silly, but believe it or not, this trick has been reported to work. Mind you, this doesn't require you to sleep with your running shoes on as well.
  3. A sufficient night of sleep and rest. If you're one of those night owls who likes to stay up and watch television or browse the Internet prior to going to bed, you may want to alter your schedule if you plan on waking up for an early run. 
  4. Getting up out of bed. Showering the night before and getting enough sleep helps desensitize you to that groggy effect a little bit. One trick to force yourself out of bed is to place your alarm clock in a spot that requires you to get out of bed in order to turn it off.
  5. A healthy breakfast. Let's face it, when you wake up in the morning, you will feel dehydrated, and it's not a good idea to run on an empty stomach. Drink about seven to eight ounces of water prior to starting your run and eat something light such as fruit, an energy bar, or perhaps a nutritional shake?
  6. Meet a friend to go running with. Another strategy is to find someone else whom also goes running in the morning like you and make friends with them. You see, you would feel more inclined to get out of bed and run if you know that you are supposed to meet someone who is waiting to run with you.
  7. Maintain an early running schedule. Make a schedule for yourself and stick to it. Just ask yourself, what days out of the week would you be willing enough to go running early in the morning? This is a motivational tool as it helps to remind yourself of what you're trying to accomplish on your calendar.
  8. Reward yourself. Give yourself a reward for making the effort to wake up in the morning for an early run. This is a method that comes in handy for just about any situation that requires self-discipline. While many may agree that weight loss is the true reward, make a list of of ways you can reward yourself for getting up for that early run.
  9. Pick a suitable running soundtrack. From a general standpoint, music and exercise are a perfect marriage. You've got your running gear on, you've managed to drag yourself out of bed and outside, how about some suitable running music to keep you in the right mental zone? There's so many great choices to pick from, just look at the soundtracks of the 'Rocky' films for a place to get started.
  10. Take a shower the night before. We all know we wake up feeling dirty and unclean to an extent, so even though you're still going to take a shower when you come back, it's best to take one the night before so you can wake up fresh, clean, and ready to break some new sweat.
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