10 Tips For Scuba Diving In The Caribbean

These 10 tips for scuba diving in the Caribbean can assist you in planning and executing the perfect vacation. The collection of islands in the Caribbean offer colorful and interesting scuba trips in the various areas. There are a few basic tips you should follow when embarking on such a trip.

  1. Get certified. Before scuba diving in the Caribbean you will need to be certified. This includes taking lessons from a licensed instructor and successfully completing a class. Doing this prior to the trip will save you precious time during your vacation.
  2. Get a buddy. For scuba diving in the Caribbean, it is best to go with a friend. While diving with a buddy is always suggested, when going outside of the country, it is much safer to travel with a partner. Shady persons and pirates still exist in some regions of the Caribbean.
  3. Set an objective. Before planning your trip, set an objective for scuba diving in the Caribbean. There are multiple underwater sites to see, and typically too many to see all in one trip. Decide what is most important to you.
  4. Set the trip. After deciding on an objective of what to see, plan the trip to allow for scuba diving in the Caribbean. A licensed travel agent can make sure you get to your chosen destinations.
  5. Get a camera. An underwater camera is a must for scuba diving in the Caribbean. Disposable cameras are available at most vacation spots, but investment in a decent camera may be warranted for the avid diver.
  6. Call ahead. After setting the dates and time for the trip, call a dive shop in the region to make reservations. You will need to rent equipment before scuba diving in the Caribbean.
  7. Get a guide. When diving in unfamiliar territory, it is advised that you go with a guide. Whenever scuba diving in the Caribbean, divers need to be aware of areas of danger. A guide can steer you clear of these places.
  8. Know the native creatures. When scuba diving in the Caribbean, you will encounter sea life including the harmless Sun Fish and the dangerous Reef Shark. Familiarize yourself with these native creatures to know what to avoid and what to get closer to.
  9. Know your limits. When scuba diving in the Caribbean, deep water adventures will be offered by local diving stores. Do not push your limits to new depths while on vacation. Stay within your limits, regardless of the tempting clear water.
  10. Keep your documentations safe. The final tip for scuba diving in the Caribbean is to keep your passport and other documentations in a safe or other secure area while diving. Predators will take advantage of you while you are well under the water and out of visual range.



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