10 Tips For Scuba Diving In The Florida Keys

These 10 tips for scuba diving in the Florida Keys can help you plan your next vacation in paradise. The area offers the third largest coral reef system in the world for the avid diver to explore and enjoy. With multiple islands each having multiple spots for the activity, there is something for every water lover to see.

  1. Do research. Before you head out for scuba diving in the Florida Keys, research the area. Each of the islands provides it's own unique sites to see both on shore and off. Read up on each of the islands and decide the one that works for you.
  2. Decide on the type of diving you desire. Another tip for scuba diving in the Florida Keys is decide what you want to see under the water. In the Florida Key, there are natural coral formations, but there are also man-made sites to dive along with various ship wrecks for the diver who enjoys the effects of the water on vessels.
  3. Call dive companies early. For scuba diving in the Florida Keys, you will need a diving company to assist you in getting to specific dive areas. Before you set your vacation date, call the company ahead of time to assure they have open dates for excursions.
  4. Get certified first. Most diving companies offering excursions require divers to have their certification before scuba diving in the Florida Keys. Get this certification before you go. This will save you the time of taking the course while you are on vacation.
  5. Bring a camera. An underwater camera is a great piece to have when scuba diving in the Florida Keys. The clear water and multitude of color is very photogenic, even for the lay photographer.
  6. Learn the water species. While scuba diving in the Florida Keys is not considered a highly dangerous activity, there are sharks and other dangerous sea animals in the water. Take the time to learn the living dangers in this area before you go.
  7. Go with a guide. When scuba diving in the Florida Keys, it is a good idea to pay the extra and get a diving guide. Getting turned around in the water is easy, and a guide will ensure that you don't miss out on the best sites.
  8. Stay in a reputable hotel. While this may sound like it has nothing to do with scuba diving in the Florida Keys, it is essential to be able to relax while under the water. While no hotel can absolutely assure security, better hotels can give you a sense that your items will be safe while you are under the water, taking the worry away while you enjoy nature.
  9. Keep your documentation safe. While out diving, it is difficult to keep identification, such as licenses, on you. Plan ahead of time for where your identification will be kept. Some diving companies require they keep your I.D. while you are out on an excursion. This will solve the issue.
  10. Always wear the right gear. When scuba diving in the Florida Keys, it is tempting to forgo the proper wetsuit. The warm water is inviting for a simple bathing suit. Don't do it. The proper gear can assist you in avoiding cuts and scrapes on the dense coral.
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