10 Tips For Seducing A Good Girl

Looking for 10 tips for seducing a good girl? What exactly is a good girl? Is it her demeanor that makes her a good girl? Maybe she doesn't indulge in certain questionably liberal activities like partying a lot, or maybe it's because she's in church every Sunday. Whatever the reason, this girl has you believing that she's a good girl. Here's something that you need to understand: everyone's idea of what categorizes someone as a "good girl" is different. Secondly, the seduction of a so-called good girl starts down same path as the seduction of anyone else. It all starts with paying attention.

  1. Get in good with her. If she doesn't at least know you, there's no chance of seducing your good girl. Introduce yourself. Don't come at her with any hook up intentions. Well, at least don't let her know you want to hook up. Just be very neutral. Let her notice that you've noticed her, but don't be a slobbering dog. We're attempting to get her interested in you, which, believe it or not, is a lot easier if you don't display your interest in her initially.
  2. Good conversation. This is the most important of your tools throughout your seduction of the good girl. It opens and maintains an exchange of information between the two of you. If you can't talk and keep her interested, you're done. You also need to create a level of comfort with her so she continues to spill the info.
  3. Don't go all platonic. Consider this an expansion pack to your conversation. You can't allow her to put you in the friend zone. The friend zone means absolutely no seduction of the good girl because she views you as a chick with man parts. Well, if you become a platonic friend you'll never get to use those man parts. A sure fire way to avoid the platonic label is to show her a slight interest. No dumb poetry or excessive comments about her looks. Just give her a look every now and then. Make sure she has an idea that there could be more, but please don't go all out or you'll fail.
  4. Getting to know her. Seducing a good girl starts out with knowing exactly what it is that makes her good. More specifically, what activities or actions does she shun? Most people that vehemently avoid certain things are tempted by the very thing they try to avoid.
  5. Advanced knowledge. When seducing a good girl, knowledge is power. Once you're on a cordial basis, it's up to you to find out all you can about her. Namely, her insecurities. It doesn't matter how fine a woman is, she's still human and we all have insecurities. So dig deep without being pushy.
  6. Use that info to fill a void. Be what she's missing. Whatever she's a prude about, show her signs of what she's missing. If she's an introvert, show some extroversion. If she's totally stable, show her glimpses of wildness.
  7. Support her insecurities. This goes hand-in-hand with filling her voids. Compliment the things about her she hates. You know she doesn't like her eyes, or her funny pidgeon-toed walk. Guess what, hero, you love her eyes and her walk. Make sure she knows this.
  8. Be mysterious. You want her to want to know more about you. Don't share too much. Think the cliff hanger of a soap opera. Give her enough to make her want to come back.
  9. Different is better. One of the best ways to get into this girl's mind is to be different from the rest of the guys. This is one of the reasons we told you not to excessively shower her with open-ended, superficial compliments. Praise her about things that other guys wouldn't, like her mind or her world view.
  10. Don't be too accessible. This is important. If you're too accessible you run the risk of becoming platonic. You want her to miss you. You want her to feel good with you near and miss you even more when you're not around. Don't disapear, but lightly blow her off sometimes. Then make up for it later.
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