10 Tips For Seducing Older Women

Forget older men dating younger women, the hot new trend is for older women to date younger men, but if your cougar hasn't pounced on you yet, you might want to explore these ten tips for seducing older women.

  1. Take care of yourself. When a mature person, whether they be male or female, decides to date younger, it's always at least partly about the aesthetics of youth and beauty. You probably won't be successful at seducing older women if you're two weeks overdue for a haircut and your belt is straining even on its loosest hole.
  2. Don't act your age. Even twenty-year-old women don't particularly like the way most twenty-year-old men act. You may actually be at an advantage with an older woman, because she may have managed to block out how immature men usually are at twenty. For goodness sake, don't remind her. Don't be drunk. Don't be loud. Don't tell off-color jokes. Don't act like a frat boy.
  3. Cultivate an interest (other than seducing older women). Older women have, by definition, lived longer than you have. They know more than you, they've done more than you and they've learned more than you. If you can't exhibit an interest in at least one hobby or passion, you're not going to keep her interest very long.
  4. Learn. Learn another language, learn how to order wine, learn where the best restaurant in town is or just learn how to take her arm in yours like a gentleman. If you can't exhibit at least a little polish, you'll never be anything more than a little boy to her.
  5. Female proof your apartment. Chances are that if you're seeing an older woman, you'll probably be spending most of your time together at her place, but on the off chance that you guys end up at your place, make sure the sheets, bathroom and kitchen are presentable. Very few women find it easy to feel sexy when they're afraid to touch your sheets.
  6. Don't make money an issue. Even if you're the one doing the seducing (or like to think you are), if you're seducing older women, chances are they make significantly more money than you do. If she suggests an expensive date, expect her to pay for it and don't make an issue out of it when she does. Reciprocate with something you can afford, even if it's just a homemade picnic in the park.
  7. Don't expect too much. Chances are this relationship isn't going to last. Watch for subtle cues from her about whether it's okay to spend the night after making love or whether she's going to freak out if you leave a toothbrush at her place. If she gets the feeling you have expectations, things may end even more quickly than you want.
  8. Don't make assumptions. You'll never be successful seducing older women if you make juvenile assumptions about them. Their interest in you does not mean that they can't find a man their own age, they're bitter or that they've given up on love. It just means they feel like dating a pretty young thing at the moment. Don't question it. Enjoy it.
  9. Don't treat her like your mother. She may be an older woman, but she didn't give birth to you. Don't ask her to do your laundry or expect her to kiss your boo boos.
  10. Go where they are. This is the most important of the tips for seducing older women. After all, you'll never be successful if you don't go anywhere you could meet an older woman. Think high-end bars, not dives. Museums, not movies. Grocery stores, not quickie marts.

We hope these ten tips for seducing older women put you on the path to finding your very own cougar today.

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