10 Tips For Shotgun Deer Hunting

Men and women who hunt love to learn at least 10 tips for shotgun deer hunting every season. Learning these tips will enhance your chances of killing a monster buck during hunting season. Listed below are ten tips for shotgun deer hunting that will surely allow you to kill a huge buck. 

  1. Make sure your shotgun is in working order. Clean your gun and make sure to sight it in before attempting to shoot a deer. Hunters often forget to clean and sight n their guns every year. Cleaning your shotgun is important because it keeps buildup from happening. Sighting in your gun makes sure you have an accurate shot when you aim the gun at that big buck.
  2. Ammunition makes a difference when you shoot a deer. Use the same ammunition when you sight in your gun as you do when you are actually hunting. Make sure it’s the same size and weight. Different size and weight in ammunition will shoot differently in your shotgun.
  3. Watch your shooting distance. If you do not feel like you can make the shot, then do not take the chance. Always shoot the distance you know you can shoot safely. If you let your ego take over you might miss the deer or shoot something or someone not meaning to.
  4. Practice and practice some more. The more practice you have shooting your shotgun the better you will become. Practice at a distance you feel safe. As you become better, you can shoot at a further distance. Practice makes perfect.
  5. If you are unsteady shooting a shotgun rest your arm on something solid. If you are in a tree stand, rest your arm on the bar in front of you before you take the shot. If hunting from the ground, have something handy to lean against before you take the shot.
  6. Hunting with a partner. When you hunt with a shotgun, it is a great idea to hunt in a small group rather then a large group of hunters. Hunting with three people is easier because with a small group of people you will know where everyone is hunting. This ensures no one is shot by accident.
  7. Take along a two-way radio. If you are hunting with a group like mentioned above, carry two-way radios. This way no one has to leave their hunting spot to ask questions, which runs a risk in hunting because someone could accidentally shoot you thinking you are a deer.
  8. Choose the right shotgun for yourself. Make sure when you hunt that you have a shotgun you feel comfortable shooting. Do not use one too big or too small. It will be uncomfortable and most likely cause you to miss the deer when you shoot.
  9. Handle your shotgun with care. If you fire your shotgun and it fails to shoot, handle it carefully. Hold the gun downward so you do not shoot anyone if it decides to start working on its own.
  10. Have fun hunting. Enjoy your time away from home while hunting. It's fun and a great time to kill a deer. Hope you enjoyed these ten tips for shotgun deer hunting.
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